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Advice on crying cat please

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I have had my latest foster for 3 weeks now, every time I try and let him out of 'his' room, he walks round my house crying - but pretty much constantly, I dont know how long it would take him to give up, as I tend to give up after 15-20 mins and put him back in his room. There doesn't seem to be anything specific he is crying for, i.e. he doesn't immediately go to the door or a window and cry. If he does see one of my cats (I know there were cats in the area he came from, and he did seem friendly with one of the two), he doesn't go up to them, he sits a short distance away and continues to cry, regardless of what the cats are doing to him, so I am not sure he is doing it to attract a cats attention. The only thing that does shut him up is holding him or putting him on your knee, but he wont stay there. When he is in his room, he only cries immediately after you leave him alone, but he does quieten down after 5-10 mins, and is a lovely cat in his room. Any tips on what to do - I am now wondering what is going to happen if we rehome him, whether he will do this in a new home, and if people will actually tolerate this?
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He sounds like Willow! He is extremely vocal and clingy (for want of a better word)

I'm thinking that Finn is just feeling very displaced and is trying to find his space and find comfort Even though Willow has been with us for over a year, he is still very vocal and easily disrupted.

I know that there are definitely people out there who will 'tolerate' this, as I absolutely love Willow and his ways, but it would be worth mentioning to any potential new families

Sorry that's not incredibly helpful, my mind is all over the place with the move - got the keys Friday, by the way
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Have you replied to his crying? In my experience cats are vocal towards humans but pretty quiet interacting with their species unless he is looking for his mom cat (is he an young orphan kitten?).
A gentle, caring inquiry to his crying may just shut him up.
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Sort of, I do talk to him, and last night I kept picking him up and fussing him, lying on the floor to try and help him, but had to put him back in the end. He is relatively quiet in there, unless he thinks you should be spending time with him or feeding him. I might just have to leave him in there, but I dont know what he will be like if I home him at the moment.
Bit more history, maybe this will make a difference. he turned up last summer at someone's house but she couldn't keep him due to her dog. He did have a collar on when he initially turned up, so she put posters up etc to try and find an owner, which was unsuccessful. When the weather turned cold in Nov, she rang us, as soon as she mentioned he had a collar on initially, I advised her to get him scanned for a chip before we woudl agree to take him on, which she did to no avail (she did also get told he was a neutered tom, but that's a different story, and I did get my vets to scan him again when he was under!!). So, he was neutered on teh 9th of this month, maybe that is part of hte problem?
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When it comes to rehome home him I would suggest you look for someone either with a Siamese/Oriental or someone who would like a talkative cat. Our Tolly hardly ever shuts up, he is only quite when there are people he doesn't know in the house, he has been known to talk in his sleep as well
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I have a chatty kitty, which can be annoying when you dont know why. Usually she has a reason.. food or wanting to go out.. closed doors especially! She hates it when a door is closed. My suggestion for a suitable adopter would be an older person, perhaps someone alone. My boyfriend's elderly-widowed grandmother absolutly loves "her chatty kitty" when she comes to visit.

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My Precious and Darcey are chatty kitties. Darcey usually does it when she is in the other room. She roews, at first we thought there was something wrong with her. But she's been doing this coming up on a year. No rhyme or reason. And Precious is forever mewing at me. She usually sits there with those big eyes and mews. She keeps me company while I'm getting supper ready and she keeps me company in the morning while I'm doing my hair - she lies on the bed watching and purring and mewing....ha ha ...too cute. I love her to bites...although her mew sounds sooooooooo sad sometimes. But she is always purring and rubbing.
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When he is in his room, he is a normal chatty cat, that is fine - but when he is let out, it is waay past a chatty cat, he will literally cry constantly, and not just a couple of constant cries, this goes on and on!! Last night was the 4th time he had been out and we finally had gaps in teh constant crying. He seems to be better when he can see another cat, so I might get the next foster so that he can have a friend.
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