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Mopping is evil I tell ya!

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I wasn't too sure whether to put this but I figured this forum was the most appropriate.

Last week, just after moving to our new home I was mopping the floors to clean the place up and left Russell on the bed with a few toys. He didn't appreciate the wet floors at all. And when I got to the next room, he fell off the bed.

I never saw it happenned but I heard a growl and several hisses and then loud angry meows. I rushed into the bedroom thinking a stray wild dog had somehow got in and had got to Russell and found him at the foot of the bed.

At first he wouldn't let me near him and he dragged himself on his front paws into the ensuite and that confirmed that he had been hurt. He did get up but he didn't put any weight on his left rear leg. I called my boyfriend who was at his new job at the time and we rushed him to the vet.

The vet told me when I got there that there should be little to worry about as he's a young kitty, (just turned 8 months), and he should bounce back but just on the safe side he'd look it over. It turned out that Russell bruised his hip and he was given a shot of anti-inflammatory stuff.

I was given instructions to keep Russell rested. Though when we brought him home, he was running around as though nothing had happenned. Though he did just curl up and sleep on his mat in the end. He's fully recovered now and still sleeps on the bed during the day. ^_^

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Glad to hear baby Russell is doing fine!

Be sure not to mop with Pine-sol!!
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Poor lil' Russell. Glad he's ok now though. You post did make me smile, just the picture of a sure footed kitty falling off a bed (mine do it all the time, by the way . . .)
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Russell isn't a sure-footed kitty. I've never seen a kitty fall over or trip up as often as he does. Though he has improved on sitting and lazing about window sills. :tounge2:
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