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More Prayers Needed

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Just found out a high-school friend of mine has stage 3 cancer. She's 26 years old, and her father died of cancer when we were in 6th grade. Her name is Laurel.

What a rough week we've all had...
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She definately has my prayers.
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Sending tons of {{{vibes}}} her way! What a terrible thing to have to deal with at such a young age!
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She's in our thoughts and prayers as well.
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Oh my gosh, how sad I will remember your friend Laurel, in my prayers. What
the heck is happening, it's getting scary.
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I'm so sorry. My prayers are with her.
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Oh how sad. I am sending many prayers for her and her family.
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Many many good vibes coming your friends way.........
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Your friend is in my thoughts and prayers.
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My thoughts and prayers to all affected by this sad situation.
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Sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for everyone.

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Oh my, heres sending many good healthy (((((( VIBES )))))) to Laurel
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