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Twitching tail tormenting topic

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Persi and Alley have become good friends. But Alley has this very unusual habit of constantly twitching her tail. Like all the time. The trouble is that Persi thinks that her tail is like one of those feather things on the end of the stick used to tease the cat. And that is exactly what Alley's tail in unintentionally doing to Persi. Since her tail goes almost all the time and she has had two weeks now to settle down, is there something I can spray on her tail that will keep him from being so utterly fascinated with it? I mean I am so happy they are buddies now but poor Alley just wants a break from all this tail attention now. When they are laying together in bed and Alley's tail starts twitching then of course he starts attacking her tail like it was a feather teaser. And this of course wakes the two non cats who are also sleeping in the bed. Gee, I should not be complaining at all with the luck I have had so far but a little help on this unusual (is it?) action would be appreciated!
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My Easy twitches her tail. At first the others thought it was a game until she one by one let them know that she is not at ease when she does this and they better watch out. She will teach Persi exactly what he can and cannot do.
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Callie swishes her tail, too. Hannah used to think Callie's tail was a toy until Callie told her off in a not so nice way. Hannah now leaves Callie's tail alone!! Don't worry, the newness will wear off and Alley will let Persi know when he shouldn't be playing with her tail.

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Sounds like a little game going on there!
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