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cat/life updates

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Tracy got spayed friday and came home just fine(very small incision cause there was no fat to cut-lol all my othrs are such porkers) She is back to enjoy her food a little sore but should be fine by the morning. Petsmart job looks like a no go-still will call and keep on top of it but they had a few more interviews to do. Filled out a bunch more applications online mainly for nights. I am also taking a cat to be neutered sometime next week(ya guys I know but hes a stray and comes close enough for me to easily get-I really want to take the preg to be spayed but can't get her...not the best plan but going to wait till i have job and then start tnr...including her kittens...its not the best but better then doing nothing) I think the clinic is going to give me my own spot one of these days...tech was like geez didnt we do 10 of your cats this year...turns all red... but in general all the gang is healthy...charlie is still getting over the loss of his "brother"(they were about 8 months apart but best buddies from time they met) I put the towel teddy was held on as he was put to sleep in a cage with door off and charlie spends alot of time there;s
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Awww...poor Charlie! He must miss Teddy dreadfully. It's such a great thing that you're fixing all those cats!
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Good for you for looking out for all those cats!
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