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SUCH a good girl!

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Pearl's rabies shot and license expire, at the end of this month so, I dragged myself out of bed, at 5:30 to take her to the Humane Society's "first come first served" shot clinic. It starts at 7:00 but I need coffee, in order to get moving. We got there, at about 6:45 and were #10 in line.

Have you ever tried to fill out a form with one hand, while holding a rambunctious 60 lb dog's leash, in the other? Pearl wanted to play with all of the other dogs, in the room (good thing all of the cats were in carriers).

They don't let the owners into the exam room but, there is a glass door. Pearl was jumping all over the vet and the techs - they had a heck of time taking her temp (ear thermometer, thank goodness). Even when they stuck the needle in, she was wiggling, wagging and licking.

She's even gotten better, at riding in the car. She no longer tries to squirm between the bucket seats and sits or lays quietly in the back. I hope this bodes well, for moving day - BOTH dogs will be in my backseat.
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I wish Apollo would wriggle when he goes to the vets.

Once the receptionist see's us, she goes to the back and brings me a muzzle

No matter what we are there for, he shows his teeth and snaps at the vet.
Mia is better, she's just so scared she usually pees herself. Thats what abuse gets you, I suppose.
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Bear wiggles and poops for vets
Only dog I've never known that poops when excited instead of peeing, I had to stop taking him into petstores with me.

He loves people though so usually just telling him to sit and keeping the slack out of the leash works, his whole body still wiggles though.

Here's hoping you'll have an easy move with them.
I did it not long ago with Bear, Spaz and two parrots and two humans in the can of a midsized truck.
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