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Work Update

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Well, I've completed my first month of training at American Express and I love it. Now I am on the floor doing it well. When I was training I had to be in at 7 in the morning and get out at 3:30pm. My mother had to take me in the morning because the bus I take dosen't run until six. And it takes me hour and 45 minutes to get to work.
Starting today, I will be coming in at 9:30 am and getting out at 6, so I will be home around eight. Its not hard, but there is a lot to do at work. I process New applications and confirm that things are okay and there is no fraud or anything like that.
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That sounds like a GREAT job!!! (I'm envious ) I am so glad you like it!! You deserve it!!! Good job!!! I am really happy for you!
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I am so happy that you like your job! Congrats!
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Congratulations Alicia!!!!!

I'm so happy for you that you have found something that you enjoy! Way to go Alicia!!!!

:blubturq: :splitter:
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AMEX... my bill is due soon (wink, wink)
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That's great that you like your job. Working is always better if you enjoy what you do. Good for you Alicia!
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Good for you. I wish that I had a job that I like.
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Congrats Alicia!

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Congrats, Alicia!
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Thanks guys! I miss you guys and I will try and be here when I am not too tired. How is Hissy, Anne, and the others. I don't see them around. They must be busy. I am worried for Anne because of all the fighting. Rascal is doing fine, he is a year old and a healthy boy!
Work is fun. Sometimes, I have to call people, but its not like I am selling anything. I am calling to confirm that everything is allright. Maybe if I get good at this, I can work in either fraudulent accounts or special accounts(celebrities such as Magic Johnson and others.)
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Alicia, We've missed you! I'm so glad you like your work. I wish you didn't have to travel so long. That part of it must be hard. But you have the weekends at home and you're enjoying what you're doing. That's so important. Congratulations!
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Alicia, great news. I look forward to getting to know you and your furbabies better!
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