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Skye's First Cat Show Westland MI CFA

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Here are his bath pics and when he looked all puffy. I will take more pics tomorrow. He got best of breed in one ring and second in another today. But he was terrified. I am taking his companion cat with him tomorrow so hopefully he will be more relaxed.
It was a lot of fun though!
We will be going to the TICA show in Maumee Oh 2/9th?
Anyone else going to be there?
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Congrats Skye! He's a pretty handsome fella.
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I'm not going to the show... but congrats on the results, and good luck tomorrow!

He looked so cute all wet... those big "Please save me!" eyes!
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Thank you both...I am excited. He was a scared kitty today...not at all his usual self, and he still managed to get a best of breed in one of the rings...I dont care though..it's all fun!!!

Where is the BBQ capitol?
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Aaaww!!! Those pictures are so cute. I had to chuckle at the wet one. How absolutely adorable. It almost looks like 2 different cats.
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Hats off to those troopers that do cat shows!!! *hahaha* I am a cat show drop out..my first and last. Skye did quite well, however, for the first time in his life he was a bit shy. So I figured I would take Remy his companion cat to the show the next day to keep him company... Remy hated the car ride...peed on himself ......and we spent a better part of an hour cleaning him off. He did help Skye but I felt bad because Remy was miserable. I left right after the last ring...Remy cried all the way home . I immediately gave him his after show bath! He is already back to normal and Skye is back to being a terrorist. Since I never plan to be a breeder I think its best that his show career has ended. I will just continue to go to the shows and help my breeder. It's a whole different ball game when you aren't all emotionally involved.
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Good try and well done. don't give up just yet! Congratulations on your Best of Breed!
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I understand - been thru that. You have what you think is a nice cat and they hate showing. Can't all be shown or enjoy it. So you just take it one cat at a time. While Charlie loves showing, its just not enough close by shows for us - I don't have the funds to travel once a month. So his career will be short. We'll have a little fun with local shows (and even then its 2-2 1/2 hrs to drive).

He was bought as a pet, just happens to like showing
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