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Skid marks

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My cat insists on dragging her butt across the carpet after she exits the litter box leaving skid marks all over the apartment. Has anyone had this problem? She is long-haired and feces sometimes gets tangled in her tail and hair around her butt. This can be fixed by bathing her but the skid marks are becoming annoying and a regular chore to clean. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks.
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You might want to have your vet check your kitty for impacted scent sacs.
You can do search in the Health forum for more info on that issue.
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Thats also a sign of worms sometimes......
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You can also try trimming the fur around her behind so that she doesn't get anything stuck in it. We have a couple of longhairs that we have to do this with and it works fine for us.
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Also, she may have firmer stools and needs a bit of softener. You can give her a little bit of canned pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling) to help soften her stools a bit.

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