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Odd food choices

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There has probably been a thread like this, but I'm new and can't see it so please forgive me if I am repeating something.

I just wondered what strange things our cats like to eat.

Charlie likes salad, he loves lettuce and tomato and even eats cucumber. Tiger will eat anything except sweetcorn. He even like marmalade.

Freddie is a haddock addict, she goes mad for it. Ali likes sweet things. My niece has had her eating marshmallows, fruit gums and chocolate milkshakes.

Penny likes anything in tomato sauce, especially lasagne and spag bol, but she is also partial to pepperoni.

What funny things do our furry families like to eat?

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Trout likes lettuce and banana. Weirdo. Lettuce doesn't even taste like anything
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My Leopold likes marshmallows. He'll do anything for one!!

Paisley likes flour, or anything with the same texture - like dry cake mix. Blechhhhh. She also likes those de-furr-um cat treats, which doesn't seem like it would be odd, but my other 7 won't touch them so I'm assuming they must be yucky.

Junior loves corn, with or without the cob.

Beandip loves peanut butter.

A lot of mine like oatmeal too.

My cats hate the smell of banana. It's so bad that they close their eyes when they get near one.
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KittenKiya and ChanKahli love butter, milk, tomato sauce.

Tammy-Timmy wants anything I am eating even if she really DOESN'T want it.

PeePeePete only eats cat food and drinks water. He's not daring at all.
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Tolly has taken to stealing Brocoli off our plates
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Max is a proper cat type cat - he likes cat food and any type of meat. He is also a shocking theif and will steal anything he can get his sneaky paws on - he once stole a whole chicken breast from the kitchen table in the time it took me to turn my back to answer the phone!!

Melchett is a bit of an old man and going througha pretty fussy period - he won't touch biscuits at the moment but loves him tinned meat - he also has a liking for sweetcorn in gravy!

Paddy has an awful sweet tooth and loves a lick of an ice lolly every now and again as a treat - I dread to think what state his teeth would be in if I didn't keep an eye on him. His other favourite treat is cheese - we often sit in the lounge together demolishing the stuff!!

.......and then there is Ben. Ben will eat anything that isn't tied down. He finishes his food and then stands behind the other three, waiting to finish their leftovers. He has been into the next door neighbours' house and returned with a slice of ham clenched between his teeth. He will eat grass, my flowers, worms from the garden, and non food-stuff like the dust bunnies from under the bed. There is only one thing to say for him - he is a greedy little cat, and is going the right way to be a not-so-little cat. A kitty diet is looming on the horizon!!!!
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
Tolly has taken to stealing Brocoli off our plates
Oh, Kitters is a broccoli hound as well, she loves it just about as much as her mommy
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Bean likes potato chips
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