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Remembering Freda

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Hi,well if you've read the crossing the bridge forum you'll know that freda my 18 yr old kitty had to be put to sleep today. I thought id share a few pics with you all,she was a truly special kitty and i miss her so much.

I also made a video of freda and posted it on youtube,if you want a look heres the link If the photos are to big or im not allowed to post links just tell me.
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Awww your sweet Freda is beautiful, I am so sorry for your loss.
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Aww....your Freda was beautiful
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Oh no!! Look at the little treasure as well

I'm off to the bridge now, and i'm so sorry
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I am so very very sorry for your loss. Its very obvious how much Freda loves and trusts you, how she came to you, every time you put your hand out. I hope putting together the video will help you in your grieving process I know its still so fresh now, but please know that Freda will ALWAYS be with you! Freda, you beautiful kitty, Rest in Peace, baby girl and know you are loved and missed.
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Freda is so beautiful. I am very sorry for your loss, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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What a beautiful, sweet angel I'm sorry for your loss
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Freda is beautiful! Freda please look for my little Athena at the Rainbow Bridge, she looked an awful lot like you, RIP sweetie
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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss of Freda! There's always that one kitty that touches your heart more than others.... it's so hard to loose them!

Freda was gorgeous, but now she is playing happily over the rainbow bridge!
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Thankyou for your replies everyone,it means alot to me that you care. People think im silly because i cant stop crying for her but losing her was like losing a daughter. I still want to add to the video,its not finished yet,i found some more video of freda just now and i want to edit that in. Im going to visit her grave today,i feel like i need to just make sure shes ok.
Thanx again
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Freda is simply beautiful... when you visit her today send her lots of love from all of us here at TCS
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Freda is such a peach, say "hi" from all of us !
RIP Sweet One
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Oh - she was so beautiful. Rest peacefully, sweet Freda!
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