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Debby....How are you?????  

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Dear Debby,
Little sister, where are you? I see your posting's but I try to email you and all my mail is returned
Let me know how to contact you...okay?
I'm happy to hear that you're seeking help Deb...it's the best thing anyone can do...be strong, have faith...you'll be just fine...
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Same here, Debby. Hope the therapist is able to help.

The other night I had to pick up my stepmother from the airport and bring her home. We had barely gotten into the house when I heard a strange whistling noise. It sounded exactly like a whistle my dad used to make. It took me a second to realize it was her kitchen clock. She has one of those "bird" clocks that makes a different bird call every hour. It sure was spooky!
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Catarina! I wondered why I hadn't heard from you!!!! My e-mail is still the same one that you have...and I have been sending you a few e-mails, and nothing comes back undelivered. Weird. Please try my e-mail again.
I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Debby...OMG....I've never received any mail from you ....???? I don't know what's going on but please try to email me again...with this address: bufbod007@aol.com Okay???
Maybe someone else with a name similar as mine getting your mail to me? Jeeeeez, if that's true, you'd think they'd have the common courtesy to tell ya!!! LOL I did that the other day with Mr. Cat! LOL

Miss ya!
God Bless You All
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I am going to try sending you another e-mail....let me know if you get it.
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