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I made a Bear

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My 5yr old grandson rang me to complain that his little brother kept stealing his Teddy Bear, and asked when was I going to make Adam his own Bear So I made a Bear, what do you think of him?

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AWE!!! He's soooo cute! Good job ....I want one
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Originally Posted by IloveSiamese View Post
AWE!!! He's soooo cute! Good job ....I want one
Same here!, that's adorable
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Awww, he's so sweet! Just seems to be saying...

'don't wanna be a tiger,
cuz tigers play too rough
don't wanna be a lion
cuz lions ain't the kind you love enough
come on let me be
your teddy bear!
put a string around my neck
and lead me anywhere
oh let me be
your teddy bear!!'

Hilda >^..^<
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Oh he's Darling Anne, I wish I had the patience to do that stuff, I like to sew but usually decorate things like curtains and such. He would look lumpy if I made him
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Ok so, I misread the thread title...I made a BEER!!!

Anyway, he's soo cute!!! Can I have one too???
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Thats so adorable!!!
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You really made that? That is sooooooo cute
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That is so cute!

Someone sent me some cut patterns for stuffed toys for xmas, I should get a move on and try some of them out
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That is so cute!!!
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Awwww Anne - he's adorable, your Grandson is going to love him!
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That's really a cute bear, Anne! I like his big feet - too many Teddy Bears have small feet.
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Awww... thats SO cute!! Great job!
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I like his nose a lot, he is one sweet little bear.
You have one lucky grandson too!
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That little bear is adorable. You are so talented.
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Awww! I wish I could make stuff like that.
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He's a cutie! You are so talented, Anne!
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That is super cute!! You did an excellent job with it!
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Wow that's so cute. I wish I knew how to do that.
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Wow, that looks very very good. I love him!
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That's adorable! You did a great job!
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i think he is great
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wow Anne, thats just fantastic - he´s a beauty !
He´s going to have that for years and maybe one day pass it onto his own children, what a lovely "gift" that will be handed down the family !!!
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You did a wonderful job making that teddy bear, I wish I could do stuff like that.

And it will mean so much more to him, because you made it just for him.
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VERY cool!
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That is adorable...I Love Teddy's
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Aww, he's cute

I could never make a bear. Its too hard. lol
I am making a cushion cover and a placemat for my Design & Technology at school. Its for my GCSE's so it has to be really good
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