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I'm all alone!

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But not lonely. I had an email from a neighbour who has been away, asking me to go down to their house (we hold each others' keys) and turn on their central heating, as they will be back tomorrow. As I walked through the hamlet of 8 houses I realised that I am the only human here - all the cars are gone and the houses are dark. There is not a person within two miles of me. The stars are coming out, the snow is beginning to melt and it is beautiful in the twilight. I am not afraid, but it is a strange feeling. I got a big welcome whinny from Maisie in the stable though as I walked back in the gate!
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Sounds wonderful, enjoy it while you can. Can you see the Milky Way? I haven't seen it since I was a kid, with so much light pollution now. I hope you have a beautiful night.

Cheers, from
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Have a beautiful, quiet night.
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I bet it feels strange as well Jenny, but it's lovely when it's peaceful isn't it.
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Aww I dont see stars out of here! Someone once told me that the northern hemisphere doesnt get as many stars as Australia! and i think its True!
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It must be really nice to be so far away from all the light pollution to be able to see the stars.
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Its sounds just beautiful
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Enjoy your nice, peaceful night!
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It sounds like a beautiful night Jenny.
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It sounds amazingly peaceful..enjoy!
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That sounds so nice, I used to live in the country and I miss that peace and quiet
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It does sound beautiful Jenny.
How are Maisie her baby doing?
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Thats pretty cool!!! No street/yard lights either??? This time of year can be so silent at night (except for the wildlife).
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that sounds so nice!! makes you feel a bit small doesn't it?
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I love being alone. Enjoy!
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How fantastic!

I'm enjoying an evening alone too (what a nice change!), though my surroundings aren't nearly as amazing as yours sounds.
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We have no street lights in the hamlet so I have to take a torch if I go down the lane after dark, which I don't do often. There is a TV transmitter with a light on it way across the valley, but it doesn't prevent seeing all the stars on a clear night. French people usually close their shutters at night, so there is very little light pollution, even when they are here.
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I'm so glad you were able to enjoy such a wonderful moment! I love it when all seems at peace and you can just enjoy the beauty and wonder of the earth and life!

...and being greeted by a healthy Maisie's whinny just tops it all off!

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Sounds quite magical!
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