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Hello Everyone

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Just wanted to introduce myself my name is Trey and there are two cats in our home; a four year old female calico named cali(very original lol) and a nine year old male named Max which is mostly mine who is very friendly and lovable which is more then i can say for the calico.
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Hi and a warm welcome to you and your kits Its great here, theres always something to do or see, it soon becomes very addictive Once you get settled maybe you could post some photos of your fur-family we just love photos here

Well enjoy the forums !!
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Hi and welcome to TCS
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Hello Trey! Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS, Trey, Cali and Max!
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Hi welcome to TCS!
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welcome to TCS, this is such a great place I cant wait to see photos of ur kitties, we photos here, well see u on the forums
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Well, welcome. And I just got a calico a couple weeks ago and she is sitting right here on my lap and she wants to see a photo of your cats when you have some time.
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Thanks for the introduction, Trey! Welcome! If you need help with posting pics, etc., just click on my name and send a msg .
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Hi Trey - nice friendly place you've found here - welcome to you and your fur family!!
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Hi Trey. Welcome to TCS.
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Hi Trey, and welcome to you and your crew to TCS!
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Hi and welcome... we're glad to have you here! I have a calico so I can totally understand what you mean, lol!
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Hi, I am new here also but don't know how to post a new thread. I go by the name of larussa. I would love to open a new post but hopefully will get help from someone.
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Welcome, Cali, Max, and Trey,

to TheCatSite and we're glad ALL of you found your way here to the land of cat lovers. Yes, Calicos can have a lot of "attitude" (just ask Maryam, lol), but ya gotta love 'em, right? They're so colorful and beautiful ! It took awhile for Maryam to learn to trust me after I rescued her, but we're slowly building on that trust, and she's getting friendlier -- so don't give up! Cali will come around if you're patient, gentle, and loving with her. Max sounds really nice, too -- what does he look like? We love photos here (the Sticky's at the top of the page of posts tells all about how) so we look forward to seeing Cali and Max, anytime you want to post their photos. Or how about a Siggy (one of the many talented artists here would probably be glad to do one for you, with Cali and Max on it!)? Enjoy the forums, and look forward to seeing you all around!
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Welcome to the site, Trey!
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to you and your fur babies
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Hi there Trey we're so happy to welcome you, Cali and Max to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS!..
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!.....)

See you on the forums!
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