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Odor/Stain Remover

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Hi there,
We are bringing a new cat into our home and our Tito had a UTI not too long ago. We would like to know what is the best odor stain removal out there. I tried nature's miracle and it didnt help much.

Thanks alot,
Carla, Tito and soon to be Misha
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I was going to say Nature's Miracle. But I don't know if the stain has been there awhile, maybe that's the problem. Have you tried Oxy Clean?
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No I have not...
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When using the Nature's Miracle, you need to really "soak" the area through so that it can soak down all the way through the padding, or else it won't be enough to remove the urine smell and stain, cause that too has soaked down through.

First shake well, then really soak the area thoroughly, then work/scrub in the Nature's Miracle with your fingers (I usually wear rubber gloves when I do this) until it's nice and foamy and then just let it sit and dry by itself. No need to do anything else.

You may have to repeat this depending on how old the stain is.

But NM's works for me every time, but don't be afraid to really soak the area thoroughly. I buy it by the gallon and pour it straight from the gallon.

Hope this helps.

Extreme Kitty Lover
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another cat site user suggested Bissel carpet spot remover and its amazing!!!
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If odor persists soak area with white vinegar, it will remove the urine odor, but later you will have to clean with clear water to remove the vinegar odor.
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Oxyclean mixed with a little laundry detergent works pretty well. I use this when my exotics decide to spray/pee, which is quite common. There is a product called Zero Odor Pet that is supposed to work very well. I have never tried it however. It is quite pricey, but may be well worth the price. Their web site is here http://www.zeroodorpet.com/?gclid=CJ...FRVkYAodWEyXNg if you would like to check them out.
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