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cat losing weight

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Hi first time on
my cat is 9 years old
i feed him everything,
the main food is whiskas wet bag food
only likes certain kinds, dad's dry food.
gourmet blend, and then i have him tricked on the treats
whiskas dry food, he was weighing 11.5 lbs when he went to the vet
a couple months ago, he is now down to about 9 lbs
and does not eat much, no treats or dry food
he looks thin,but he acts normal, goes in the litter pan fine
plays ok.. he has lost his voice over the last few months too
its not the same meow kind of hoarse..
is this of a concern, i feel not, because he seams normal in his behavier, It seams all of a sudden he stop eating as much.will he get back on track.. like i said he is doing his same old playful stuff.
he always wants to eat rubbing on me and all that, then only eats
a little.
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It's not normal for them to loose weight out of the blue. At 9 years old, there may be something going on that you can't see. I would recomend going to the vet and having a chemistry panel done as well as a complete blood count.
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Definitely take your kitty to a vet as soon as possible. It sounds like there is a problem.

To help fatten kitty up, Hissy recommends mixing 1/4 teaspoon of nutritional yeast (ask at your supermarket. If you live in an urban area, a health food store will definitely have it) into the wet food before serving it. As far as feeding goes, I think most recommend that cats get their main nutrition from the dry food, with wet food as a supplement, or "treat," as it were. You can always try switching brands of dry food. Many recommend switching it over several days - mix a little bit in at first, then more each day for a few days until it's all the new stuff. But if your cat doesn't eat the dry stuff, maybe just try a new one without bothering to make a slow switch.

But most importantly, cats tell us about their health problems with their behavior. Loss of appetite and loss of weight are tops on that list in terms of warning signs. Please take kitty to see a Vet!

BTW, I'd love it if you could keep us posted! What's his name?
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Take him to the vet ASAP. This might be the first indicator of kidney failure. I lost my 9 year old cat to kidney failure because I did not recognize the signs soon enough.
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His name is sterling,
I did make a vet appointment for next wendsday,
they seem to think it was not urgent i guess,
My vet is very good The name is caring for cats'
that's all she does, also he paws at his treats which is just dry food.
I give him them and he don't eat them, everyday he goes in the litter pan fine, and is still playful, I am going to try different dryfood and some treats to see what happens, no more tuna for him either
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Good Luck! Let us know what happens. I hope that it turns out that it is nothing serious. All cats are such stoic little animals, it's just so hard to tell. I'm keeping Sterling in my prayers.

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I took him to the vet and she did take a blood test and the chemistry panel, she weighed him and he did lose like 3 lbs in a month, she said if the results are good. we will do an ultra sound, i also did notice this morning, that when he jumps up in the window, he had a hard time, never seen that, he almost did'nt make it, what a turn around. he was fine a month ago.. do you think he had a hard time jumping, because of the 2 needles she put in his back leg maybe sore.
i hope thats it, fill you in on the results from the test.
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Our kitty was very sore after getting his shots. It took about a day until he wasn't sensitive there. But keep your eye on him for a while, and if it lasts longer than a day, let the Vet know.

Poor little Sterling!

Keeping him in my prayers.
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