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Jordan attacked me last night!

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So last night I was in bed and I heard Baylee upset because Jordan was bothering her. I get up, rescue Baylee, turn off the light and then walk back to bed in the dark. All of a sudden it feels like Jordan jumped up and basically wrapped all four paws around my leg to attack me! I have the scratches on my leg to show for it, he literally drew blood. As soon as he did, he ran out the room

I'm lying in bed complaining about what just happened when Jordan runs back into the room, jumps up on the bed, bites my shoulder and leaves.


Why is Jordan attacking me? He has, in the past, attacked my ankles if I've walked to bed in the dark... it's not an every day thing, maybe an every other week thing. It happened more when he was a kitten but now he's calmed down a bit. But... I'm still upset about last night... that was the worst he's ever done. What should I do in the future?
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It sounds like he was really mad at you for stopping him from picking on Baylee, especially when he came back and bit you on the shoulder.

I don't know what you would do to stop this kind of behavior, but I'm really curious as to what advise you get. I know I'd be freaked out, if one of my cats attacked me out of anger.
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Sorry, Lamb, if you've already posted this somewhere ... is your boy neutered now? If not, that could be the reason for his aggression.

If he is already neutered, then aggression can also be a sign that something isn't right medically. If this behavior has started recently, then have him in to see his vet to rule out medical or health-related issues first, then we can work on the environmental ones.
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Yes, he's been neutered since he was old enough to be neutered... at least a year ago. And his agression isn't really a new thing... it's just sporadic? He's attacked me in the past like that, just not that drastic.

And thanks Hope, yeah I'm pretty upset about it too.
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That would be very upsetting! Sorry I don't have any sugestions buy I hope you can find the cause of this behaviour.
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Our cat Sparkle has been like that since we got Lily. Sparkle loves my husband, and takes out her frustration about Lily on him. Once, she put a claw through his lip when he was holding her and Lily came into the room!

Did you pick Baylee up? Maybe he's mad that she got that attention, and he didn't, just a thought.

Feliway has helped calm Sparkle down, maybe that's worth trying if you haven't already. Good luck!

Cheers, from
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Dylan, my mom's oldest cat, used to attack her when she'd try to keep him from doing something he wanted to do. He would always come back to her a few minutes later and "apologize" with some contrite ankle rubbing, but it was still very upsetting to my mom.

Finally one day, he took a swipe at the back of her leg and left an eight-inch gash that bled for half an hour (Dylan is huge, and his claws are too). Mom had to wear a wrap bandage for a few days, and Dylan paid close attention to that. When she took it off, he studied the scar, then very gently rubbed his cheek against it. And he has never, ever laid a claw on Mom since.

My point is, I don't think cats realize how much damage they can do to us furless humans until they're shown how much it hurts.

And some of them don't get it even then! My little Pearl is the sweetest creature that ever breathed, and she adores me -- but she still sinks her claws into my chest when she makes biscuits. If I whimper in pain, she just licks my chin, the little sweetheart. Whaddaya gonna do?

So please, don't feel that this means Jordan doesn't love you. I think it's mostly an awareness and maturity issue, and maybe a little bit of an anger-management problem.

And when you think about it... it's not so different from what we humans do to each other. Once in awhile, we all lash out verbally at the people we're close to -- but cats don't have words, so they use their claws instead. In both cases, though, we love each other just the same.
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Hmmm... interesting.

Okay, SwampWitch... yes I did pick up Baylee. And yes, I do think Jordan gets jealous... I know he's very jealous of the new puppy and has spending a lot more time cuddling with me on the couch. I am still surprised that he attacked my leg, ran off, and then attacked me again!

CarolPetunia... I wish that Jordan *would* understand how much he hurts me like those cats. I did cry out in pain both times but he knows he did wrong since he ran out. And there's no real way I can show him *since* he ran out, ya know?

But you're right... it's probably all of the above - awareness, maturity and anger-management!

I do wonder why it's always ME though... he has never attacked DH like that. Ever.
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