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TCS Magic Works Again!

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TCS Magic Works Again! It sure looks like we might have a happy ending to this story. Anne had posted a link to a terrible story in the Amarillo Globe about a feral cat in need in the feral forum. I asked Hissy and Anne if we couldn't include the link in the Cat Lounge so we could get more people to write to the misguided column-writer. Many of you responded, and IT WORKED!

The guy who wrote the article responded to several of us, and actually asked me what to do next. My husband and I put in a lot of leg work and found Amarillo's CRAZY CAT LADY. Actually, she is on the board of the Humane Society, is actively involved in lobbying for TNR programs, has a show about Pets 3 days a week, and knows the editor of that paper!

My former cat-hating hubby deserves incredible Kudos here.

I just wanted everyone to know that Samoa (rechristened from Osama) should be trapped this weekend. He has found a temporary home for as long as he needs it, as it seems releasing him back into this neighborhood is not the right thing, but she will assess the situation.

Please cross your fingers and send your prayers that we're able to pull all of this together, and that she is able to save Samoa!

...just thought those of you who aren't regulars to the ferals forum might like to be kept up too....

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Laurie, check your email! I hope this pulls together quickly and Samoa decides to stay away from horselys trap in the meantime. Hell of a story this rescue would make, but doubt he would bother to print it!
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Once again,

Laurie and husband, you rule!

Happy dance! Happy dance for Samoa!
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I hadn't read about this yet in the ferals forums, this is great news! Give hubby a big pat on the back for me!
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What wonderful wonderful news!!!

Thank you!
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That is great news. I have been following this in the feral forums, and know how much work you all put in to helping this poor cat. Maybe his follow up article will be about how some people actually cared enough about this one cat to mobilize their efforts from across the country to find a good place for him. I doubt it, but it could happen.

Happy day for Samoa! :blubturq: :baloon:
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What exciting news! It is amazing what an impact a few dedicated people can have!

Hug your hubby for me for doing such an excellent job!
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...wonderful news. KUDOS to you and your hubby for the great work! Happy, Happy ,Joy, Joy for Samoa!
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What a wonderful ending to a truly tragic story. No cat deserves the treatment that Samoa has been through and it's great that he may finally find a home full of love and caring.
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