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Who do your animals go to for attention?

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The dogs and cats both like to get pets from both of us but there does seem to be a draw for them to each of us for different reasons.

In my case the dogs are all mine. They are always with me no matter where I am in the house. My BF and I work different shifts so when I sleep they are all in bed with me.

I can't go downstairs with out them following me. Even if I just come down to get something to drink they come with me. I have a pack with me at all times. If they are hungry or want outside they come to me.

The cats on the other hand go to my BF for attention. There is always at least one cat on his lap and when he sleeps there are always several of them with him.

So what is it like in your home?
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It really is mixed nicely at my place. The dogs follow me everywhere. I can't even get up to move from one chair to another without someone having to resettle down at my feet. The dogs go to DH and the boys for play time. They know there is alway a game of tug of war willing to be played.

The cats now tend to all gravitate to me for everything. If my lap is full, it can contain up to 3 cats in it, they will use someone else's lap.
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Basically they follow me - all 11 cats and 1 dog.
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If I am home, asll of the cats and dogs are leeches to me. Especially Mia, one of the dogs. She's like my shadow.
All the cats except Poptart will come and sleep with me on the couch along with Mia, which gets sorta crowded and unfomfortable. but as long as they're happy :rolleyes;

If I'm not here then everyone loves my mum, except Mia.. Mia tends to go more towards my sister, unless she isn't home.
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Ours go to whoever is available to give attention. But generally, Topaz sticks to Mom and Ari hangs around me.
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The dogs go to hubby. A couple of the cats go to anyone (even strangers). The rest of the cats go to me.
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All the cats come to me...they seem to find my husband rather vile, and I'm not sure why.

Puppy goes to DH...she's like his other wife.

Melvin, (the other dog) comes to me...he's such a baby.
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Me... it's always me, much to my DH's irritation! The puppy, Lola, is HIS dog and we've even made him the solitary caregiver of the dog - he feeds her, gives her treats, etc. Yet she always wants to be with me. And I'm not much of a dog person so it's frustrating to everyone!
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Sneakers (kitty) most often comes to me (and sits on me) unless my brother is home. My dogs, well Pooch the terrier doesn't ask for attention much but when he does he'll go to any family member. Ginger is an attention-hog and she will go to anything in the world to get attention! She used to follow me around all the time when I first got her but now she just comes and "checks in" with me every once in a while to make sure I'm still here! Otherwise she will go to anyone for attention. If there's a guest she goes to them and just begs for attention, and acts like she's attention-starved (which works every time...)
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Radar is quite cuddly towards me but Nate doesn't get much of a look in. Sonic doesn't appear to have a favourite yet, but he does like snuggling in Nate's beard
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The dogs go to my even knows the command "go get daddy!". The cats all come to me although Lily likes my mom......
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