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A MUST for all computers

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Hi everybody!

While digging around my office today I happened upon a hilarious little character named Jared, a singing Smiley. Naturally, I felt the compelled to share Jared with all of you! Below is a description - Enjoy!!!

Jared—Butcher of Song

While Central America has seen more than its share of atrocities in recent years; never before has a lovely Guatemalan folk song been brutalized as thoroughly as by the vocal stylings of JARED.

Like an angry Immigration officer, Jared's distinctive rendition grabs us, slaps us around, threatens to cavity search us and ultimately demands our passport be issued from that same circle of hell from which his voice originates.

Never has the mating of cats sounded so melodic as after one has listened to "El Carnicero de Canciones," the "Butcher of Songs," as Jared was known in Guatemala. Yet, this is perhaps the worst part; one is somehow drawn to his song, playing it over and over again. So listen to, "Shala-uuugh", and suffer -- for this is art.

PC People Download Here

Mac People Download Here
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I downloaded this and as soon as he started singing Kiki's ears went straight back. She just sat there staring at me, with this look like turn it off now please!!!
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AT LAST!!!!!!!! Something I can sing along too hehehehehehe!!! :tounge2:
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Oh Leslie mate, you really do have a few roos loose in the top paddock!! :LOL: :LOL:

Jared Rules!! =(^.^)=
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I can't listen to this at work because I don't have speakers, but would it be appropriate to send to my in-laws who are from Guatemala
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Yeah Yeah love you too TicTac!!!
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Bundylee - you have to admit....Jared's voice is horrifying, yet kind of funny.....hmmmmm—I wonder if he quit his "Day Job"......?

I dunno' —maybe it's just my strange sense of humor but, Jared is the most hilarious when used around innocent, unsuspecting people.....:tounge2:

One year, my husband and I had a party, where around 20+ people popped in......at the beginning of this gala event, we played "regular music" BUT THEN, about half way through the party, we cranked up JARED— just to see if anyone would notice...... the reaction was so funny!!

Our goal was to see just how many of our friends were honest enough to say, "TURN IT OFF" LOL!! The results were stunning.

Oh...Oh...Oh...the things we do to entertain ourselves in Florida...LOL!!

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Cool...............I wana go to one of your partys yey!!!!!!!!
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