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Spike's tummy troubles.

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My husband took Spikey to the vet this morning, as he's been having some tummy trouble recently. She said that his intestines are inflamed, and gave us some medicine for him, and we've been directed to watch for improvement. If the medicine doesn't help, we're to take him back to have additional checking done.

She said he's a healthy weight and very well hydrated, which was good to hear, but she also said that he'll need his teeth cleaned some time in the next year. Regular dental care is important, so that isn't a problem, but I'm concerned because she told my husband that we shouldn't give him any wet food, that it's bad for his teeth.

I swear I think I've read here, several times over, that this is a myth, that quality wet food, fed in appropriate quantities, is good for cats. I've been wanting to change vets for awhile anyway, ever since I found out that not only does this vet perform declawing, she actually thinks it's no big deal and says that she declawed her own cats.

I guess this post is a little disjointed, it's late and I'm tired, but am I right to question what she [the vet] said about canned food? And is it unrealistic to want a vet that doesn't declaw, given that it's (unfortunately) such a common thing in the US?

(I'm not trying to start a declaw/no-declaw debate, I realize there are plenty of threads on the subject.)


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I cannot use a vet that doesn't declaw because in this town, they all do. I don't know that you would have better luck finding one in your area.

As far as animal nutrition, I've read many time in this forum that many vets aren't terribly wise about cat nutrition and that is probably why it is one of the most posted topics here.

There are areas where I am more than willing to listen to the vet and do exactly what they say. The last time I was in with a few of my crew, the vet tech was really trying to convince me that I should feed Iams Multi-Cat formula to meet the needs of all. I told her she could suggest all she wanted, but I was not feeding grocery store, by-product junk to my crew. I mentioned a couple different brands such as Nutro or Wysong that I would no doubt go with instead and she seemed totally ignorant of anything buy Iams and the prescription foods they carry at their office.

I told her that at any rate, their suggestion gave me a guideline on which way I needed to go and she shouldn't worry, that I would provide what they needed in a brand of my choice.

I think the vets already know that there are just some things I will dig my heels in on and they don't try to push me. :-)

All in all, I think the vets I use are good in spite of the fact that they declaw and we don't totally agree on nutrition. After all, I'm sure they are too busy to come here and learn a bit more about nutrition.

I also think that if declawing were outlawed in this country then they wouldn't do it. I don't believe that Will happen in my lifetime though. The vets have too much money to be made with declawing and our gum'mint likely won't want to ruffle feathers passing such a law in this good ol' USofA.

If you are not happy with your vet, then by all means start a search for one you will be happy with. Just remember to look at the whole picture before deciding to dump her. If she gives you good vet care, is available when you need her and your pet/s are comfortable with her than that all should be considered.

Good luck on whichever you decide.
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Many vets will tell you that dry is good for the teeth and the cats have to chew it with breaks off some of the plaque on their teeth... the joys of learning from 'Hill's SD specialists' I guess.

To be honest, many vets know very little about nutrition, it is not a big part of their learning. Even in 'people doctors' they will send you to a nutritionist rather than give in depth advice on what you should be eating.

As far as declawing, many vets still do it, as long as they don't try and push it on you, I wouldn't worry too much, because, as Trudy said, you may find it hard finding one in your area that won't do it.

But if you are not happy in general with your vet and were already thinking of switching, by all means do so, the best thing I ever did was switch vets. The vet we use now will listen to my ideas about what my cats need - she respects my wishes as far as what I want to feed them etc, and even asked me for more information on Evo as she had never heard of it. I love the fact that she will say, I don't know, lets both look into it and I will call you next week.
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