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Rabies-A question?

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I was just wondering because I've read afew threads on here about 'authorities'
saying to keep a cat in 'quarantine' for ten days after it has bitten someone and then saying after that everything will be fine.

I'm in the Uk and Rabies has an incubation period of upto six months in the body,
so I was wondering if anyone could explain why 'some' say ten days

If anyone can shed any light or legalities on this for me,I would be very grateful
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My teacher said that if a cat bites you and rabies shot records cannot be produced then the animal is euthanized and it's head is removed and sent in to be tested. Seems a little drastic to me and she didn't go on to clarify anything else sooo.... I know she scared one lady in class from bringing her cat in because she was afraid if it bit someone and it didn't have it's shots yet, even though she was bringing it in FOR it's shots... I dunno. I have only been by two cats in my life and I didn't report it so the cat didn't have to be quarentined.
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Most people agree that the 6 months quarantine in the UK was a bit over the top, although it is a possible to incubate a long time. Here in France it is 3 weeks if you are bitten (it happened to me last year with a feral) and the cat, if not vaccinated, has to be vetchecked every week during that time and hte records kept by the vet. If the cat cannot be caught and checked then the person has to have the vaccine. Fortunately I was able to trap the cat that bit me.
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