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New kitten crying!

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Last Sunday we brought home a new kitten who is 9 weeks old, very affectionate and a little on the pudgy side. Ever since we have had him in the house he walks, runs and lies around just crying from morning till night. At times it almost sounds like he is in pain, lost or stuck somewhere. Otherwise he is perfectly healthy and a very active little guy, we have since named him Turbo due to his speed when playing. I cannot physically find anything wrong with him and I thought that maybe he was just a little lonely or lost in our house and that it would stop after a few days, but it continues and is not getting any better. I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with a new cat/kitten in the home? I would certainly hate for him to be in pain or to have something wrong but I cannot figure out what it is that he is crying for. All my other cats seem to find it annoying as well and yet he is friends with all of them, I just cannot stand to hear him cry anymore. Any suggestions???????
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He is a little bit young to be away from his mom and/or siblings. He is probably looking for her and that's why he's crying. My neighbors kitten used to do the same thing. Does he play with the other cats? (Gracie is so gorgeous btw *drool* ). Is he eating and drinking and using the litterbox ok? Has he been to the vet for an exam?
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A vet visit, if you haven't already, is indicated anytime you bring a new baby into the house to make certain he is healthy and sound.

But other than that, just give him lots of love and attention now while he acclimates to your home. Best of luck.
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Poor thing must be lonely. At least you have other cats; has any of them taken to him?

You could make his environment a little smaller and thus more manageable... Keep him in a single room with a baby gate over the front of it; make sure he can see and hear you from where he is. You could try a dog crate too, if you wanted a smaller space, with a blanket over it to turn it into a "cave" (which is what you do when you are fostering a stray pregnant mom).

Kittens do get "lost" pretty often; new houses are big and unpredictable to them, and they have to figure out what's what before they feel secure. One room, plenty of friendly interaction, predictable meals, et cetera... He should find his feet eventually.
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I took him to work with me on Monday, (I am a vet tech) and he checked out just fine. I vaccinated him since he was taken away from mom soo soon-he was in a foster care from a local shelter, whichi is why we got him soo little. I have tried confining him to smaller spaces but then he really freaks out because he would rather be right by our sides. He has taken to Squeeker, our 10 month old kitten who seizures! They seem to be real good pals. Everyone else tolerates him and will play eventually, our newest kitten Alley, who is only 4 months old will play occasionally, but she would prefer not too, she if far too sophisticated to play with boys! To:Sicycat: Thanks for saying that Gracie is beautiful by the way that will vertainly make my husband proud, seeing as she is his favorite-yours are just as gorgeous and probably not as fat as Gracie is.
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i love gracie too! I think your baby just needs a mommy - is there a way you could carry him around with you? That would be pretty cute. But I agree, some sort of confinment will get him acclimated quicker.
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Wow Gracie sure is a popular girl, we just won't tell the others! I think that he is starting to calm down some and get adjusted, but carrying him around seems to make him happy, thanks for the idea!
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