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Eye infection?

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All of a sudden today, my 5 month old kitten ended up with what looks like an eye infection. He has Congenital Vestibular Disease so he's a little lop-sided but today his ear is all the way toward the floor (on the side of the bad eye). His eye is pretty much shut and when I try to open it, his pupil is in the corner and all I see is the pink inside his eye. He keeps rubbing it and rubbing it. My Vet never called me back and I called a 24-hr emergency vet but they charge too much for me to take him in today. Does anyone have an idea what it could be? He's an indoor cat, he's a Siamese and I'm worried if it's contagious.
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First,Thank you for taking a special needs kitty into your life

I was just wondering have you been to a vet for a second opinion about your kitten?
Re:congenital vestibular disease/cerebellar hypoplasia?

It's sounds like he has a severe case of conjunctivitus,If thats the case he will need a course of anti-biotics,IF left untreated this can lead to severe inflamation and ultimately
IF left untreated will result in having to have the eye removed,or both if both eyes are affected.
It's better to take him in asap.

Good luck to the little guy,Please keep us updated on his progress
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Do you have any chloramphenicol drops or paste?
If you do you could drop some of those in to ease the irritation for now.
JUST till you can get him to a vet.

OH P.s conjunctivitus is NOT contagious to you but he will need treament if
it is conjunctivitus.
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Considering the pre-existing condition, I'd recommend he go to the vet. If this is "just" an eye infection then it still needs to be treated. However, since the ear is pointing down AND the eye is closed, it could be something more.

As my vet always tells me, "You know your kitty best and what's normal and abnormal. So never wonder if you're doing the right thing by bringing your kitty in to see us."

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I took my kitty to the vet on Sat. and he has a pretty bad case of conjunctivitis. The vet had to give him anestesia and a sedative because he became pretty feisty when he was trying to look in his eye (he even scratched him ~ ouch!). He also gave me an ointment to put in his eye 2-3 times a day and a cone to go around his neck but there was just no way he would keep it on! I hope he gets better soon. He said it will probably last for about a week. I just don't know how he could have gotten it =(

Thanks for your replies...greatly appreciated!!!!
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