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YIPPPEEEEE!!!!! That is SUCH great news! Scritches for O'Henry, and hugs to you!

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That's fantastic news, Debra!!!
I'm jumping for joy with you!!!!!!
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Hooray! Hooray! Hooray for O'Henry!!! With all the sadness lately, I'm so, so very happy to hear he is improving!

Happy Dance with O'Henry!

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That's more than wonderful, Debra! I'm really grateful.
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That is great!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm SO happy for O'Henry!!!!!!! I am thrilled he is doing better!!!!! What good news this is!!!!
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HOORAH HOORAY!!!!! Well done Deb and little O'Henry!! Keep munching away little one - we will have you as podgey as us in no time!!! :blubturq: :blubturq:
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Wooooooohoooooooooooo! Good going - I hope he keeps getting stronger!
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I am glad he is getting better! Go O'Henry!
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No treatment tonight! YIPPEE!!!! And this is a good thing. Henry does not need to go back until tomorrow morning!
Thank you for all your well wishes -

Auntie Debby.....I am sending you a Henry picture to post for me!!!!
(thanks in advance)
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Here is Deb's O'Henry.....what a cute little guy, glad he's feeling better!
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Thank you Debby!
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Oh my goodness! Look at that precious little face. Keep well, little one.
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He is a real doll, Debra. Any updates after the weekend? How are the other little ones getting on?
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Deb...so glad to hear that O'Henry is doing better. What a sweet little angel face!
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*GRINS* - Everyone is doing just fantatsic!
Playing and running all around and being litle kitty pests
Gosh - I love these guys!
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Sending prayers your way. Keep us posted.
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Debra....O'Henry is totally adorable. You must be thrilled. Once again....a happy ending!

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Oh my goodness!!! It should be illegal to post something so cute as O'Henry!!!! He is just adorable!!! So glad to hear they are doing so well now!! And being pesky is always a good sign!! :laughing2 Well done Deb!!!
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