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I could use your prayers

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I have lost three of the magnificant 7 today. O'Henry is not doing well and appears to be fading as well. I am doing everything that I was advised and it is not working. He really needs your help..........

I ask for your prayers for O'Henry and Necco and Penuche.

Thank you
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Oh Debra! I am so sorry to hear this awful news.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, and O'Henry, Necco and Penuche as well.

Please keep us posted on O'Henry's condition and know that we are all here for you.
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Sending "Stay Healthy" thoughts from Kentucky.
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Originally posted by lotsocats
Sending "Stay Healthy" thoughts from Kentucky.
And I'm sending some from Ontario.
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All four of you are in my prayers tonight. I've actually had to start a list to keep everyone included.

I pray for quick healing. In lieu of that, how about the direct method: YOU WILL GET BETTER NOW!

There are too many sad stories here recently.

Hoping only for the best,

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Sending prayers your way
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Thank you everyone. I just know with everyone's help, they will make it! They just HAVE to!!
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{{{{HUGS}}}} Love, and prayers for you and the babies.
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More healing thoughts and prayers from Ohio...

Get Better!
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debra have the kittens been to a vet recently? If not, if you can get them there to be tested for viruses that might give you some answers. I am sorry for the losses, I know how tough they are to deal with.
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Get well thoughts coming from Iowa!!!!!!!!!!
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Debra, I'm so sorry about your losses!!!
Sending prayers and positive thoughts to you and your precious kittens.
Snowball sends his special purrs and kitty kisses to the babies!
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Oh Deb...I'm so sorry to hear about the three kittens who didn't make it! What happened? I didn't even know they were sick....poor little guys. I am sending up prayers for the other kittens. I pray they will make it. This is so sad. keep us posted. You are in my thoughts tonight.
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Oh Deb I'm so sorry to hear this. Bless you for looking after them though, I'm sure they ALL appreciate it.
Lots and lots of love and prayers for you and the babes...
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Get well babies! Now!
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Sending baby kitties get well thoughts, energy, wishes, and prayers. Sending good thoughts to you too!
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Oh, Debra. You have my positive "Stay Strong Little Ones" energy coming at the babes. You have been an angel to them all.
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Deb, any news on how the other babies are doing?
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Debra, I am praying for those little lambs. They are in the best of hands, yours and God's. If there is a congenital problem, kittens often die young. Don't blame yourself, please. You have been a blessing and are doing what's right, I'm sure.
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Get Well Soon Daisy for each of your babies!
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I just saw this.......Sept 24th
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Debra, any news? We're still out there pulling for your three little angels' siblings. Hope they're stronger. Of course we mourn your loss. Many have responded to your other post, but we keep that ray of hope burning for the rest!
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Thank you everyone. We are still working on O'Henry - he is weak and listless and shows no sign of wanting to eat. We are putting a grool mixture of kitten food and formula in a syringe and feding him with that. he is getting sugar water and formula as well. I bought him a special baby bed today and he has the rice bag heated as well as the heating pad. Still no improvement - BUT he is still with us.
The kits spent ALL day at the Vet's on Monday and then yesterday we lost the 3. O'Henry was looked at again late yesterday afternoon - no answers.
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Debra, What more could you possibly do? If the vet couldn't help, why do you expect so much of yourself? I tube fed a collie puppy every two hours around the clock for two weeks once. (He couldn't nurse.) He did well, and then started to lose weight. The vet could not diagnose his problem, but said if he couldn't suck, give him goat's milk in a bottle and squeeze the bottle. I did that; he loved it, but died that night. My heart was broken, as yours is, but I knew I had done all that could be done for that baby. I cried for hours; when you're tired you just can't take it. You are probably exhausted. Do your best, but remember, even vets can't always diagnose internal problems in young kittens or pups. You're an angel to care for them.
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Jeanie - your words mean so very much to me.
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Deb, I am praying for O'Henry. I know this is breaking your heart, but like Jeanie has said, you did all you could possibly do!!! Those little babies were in the best of hands with you, so if they didn't make it with you, they would not have survived with anyone. They are okay now...free of pain and they would not want you to feel bad.
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Deb, lots and lots and lots of prayers going up for O'Henry, and as Debby said, we all know these kitties were/are in the best possible hands.. All the best for little O'Henry, and please remember to take care of yourself!!
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Sending healing energies to the kittens... and some to you too (to help with the heartbreak...)
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I wish I could give you a big hug. Your heart must be breaking. I'm sending my "Be Strong" thoughts to you and O'Henry.

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O'henry is improving!
I took him last night to my regular Vet and started him on an IV fluid treatment. He had another one this morning and again just now!
You would ot believe the difference in him! He is active ad playing and meowing and today he ate 3 1/2 ounces of furmula on his own!
Thank you all soooooooo very much!
I am about jumping for joy here!!!!!
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