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What comes up when you google your name?

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If I put in Allie with my last name, I get my school's website and the Chicago Flute Club website, on which I am a board member. I also get an obituary for someone who shared my first and last names that died at 88 in January, 2003. As far I am aware, this is not a relative.

If I put in Allison (it's what Allie is short for, after all) with my last name...well, apparently I have my own house in North Carolina that's the oldest standing frame house west of the Blue Ridge Mountains. If I showed up with my driver license, do you think they'd give me a free tour and take my picture??

So what do you get when you google yourself?
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It comes up with my college and my date of graduation, major/minor
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Some Northwestern University site..and One of the alumni married me apparently
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A bunch of links come up, but none of them are me, just people that share my name
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cooking posts
sewing advice
e-opinion reviews
parenting and marriage and sex counseling book lists on amazon
articles I wrote on child development and the most mortifying:

and a flame war years ago with a paranoid schizophrenic who likes to harass psychologists and he became so famous for his harassment that they issued an FAQ on him and crowned him internet kook of the year.
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One local newspaper article when I gave advice on women who like beer.
Many others on my "incident" with Sheba and my neighbor.
Garden Club stuff too.
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Boring geneology stuff
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books written by people with the first name of sophie and books on crocheting
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Apparently I play Lacrosse and I was engaged on a gondola in Venice, Italy and was married in May 2004. (this is with first and last names) Also my grandmother's obituary comes up.
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With my married name, someone who is very big in horse breeding.

With my maiden name, someone who is a Christian songwriter/performer.

Neither reflect my tastes.
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I get a memorial scholarship.... should I be worried?
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A lot of sites of Judge Maria Lopez, XXX sites, Bio of a coach for Embry Riddle and more XXX sites.
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My being show dealer chair for our gem & mineral show and genealogy posts.

I am also a teenage boy in Sweden and South Africa!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
I am also a teenage boy in Sweden and South Africa!
How exciting!
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Scary...3 pages, mostly about me and my Abys!!!!

I discovered another family with my surname, and the web site owner has a sister that has MY name!!!! My daddy must have done something nice for his granddaddy!!!
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Boy, people who have my name have been busy! There was nothing about me personally, but people who share my name:

Real Estate Agent
A financial advisory company
A former musician, current poetess who suffered a severe brain injury ()
A 26 yo who apparently just moved to California
A mixed-media artist
Maker of joinery & solid wood doors
A politician
Associate Professor of Philosophy, & Department Chair
A site that says, Kelly (my Last Name) is a Loser!
A student of psychology
Assistant soccer coach at a university
A YouTube film of Kelly (my last name) shooting, and killing a deer. I cried.
Witness in an abuse case

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Hm. I found my photography site on the second page, and my contribution to the One Million Masterpiece. Oh, also I am a 32 year old woman from Philadelphia, PA who likes to run marathons.
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Well, the webpage for the company I work for comes up, and so does the alumni newsletter from my college with the listing from when Ian and I got married.

With my maiden name, a few pages come up from theatrical productions I was in/worked on in college.
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I have an odd last name and actually had only 16 hits. 5 of them were actually me. 2 were about things my husband submitted to environmental organizations he belongs to and signed both of our names. 1 was about testimony I submitted to the state Minnesota related to my job. The last 2 were drink recipes I submitted to webtender.com.

Pretty weird.
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What I posted earlier is from a past google. A new one reveals -

I taught a Certified Swedish Massage Course (I wish I could get a massage right now)
I'm a counselor in Queensland and a lawyer in St. Louis
An artist who visited China (and whose husband thinks is very beautiful)
I live in Detroit and the Netherlands
I am to prepare a letter to the school board regarding our concern as a board regarding the administration of the school. ... (First I knew of this!)
I was honored. after my retirement as a volunteer who spent many years at. LBPH as proofreader and reader for Radio Reading Service. (This one was in Hawaii, lucky duck!)
I wrote a book! "A Cabinet of Medical Curiosities"
Also a pastor in North Carolina and Missouri! (that'd make my grandpa proud...)
I'm a chemist (one of my worst subjects)
I'm also a yoga instructor (I wish. Right now I have all the flexiblilty of a steel rod)

It took about 7 pages before the real me popped up. The second entry that was really me was a CatSite post!
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when i google my name and maiden name some website creation stuff comes up, some concert reviews, and noritake china. . . . . . .oh and college stuff and stuff from my other jobs.

i haven't done my name and maiden name yet. . .
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2 dr s
a film star
a teacher ...

lol.. some computer has my mothers bday and my other info still ...lol
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Man, there are no other people with my name, other than the lady who passed away. This leaves me the lone wolf of my name

FH has 2 pages that are all actually him. He has kind of an unusual last name, though.

My friend Cheryl is herself, an environmentalist, a person from Vancouver and a ob-gyn, just on the first page.
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oh there is a person in florida with my name. . . . .and someone else who died with just my first name. . . . .and a lake in pennsylvania with my name.
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My name is all over the place since my hobby is genealogy and I post about it alot! I think I have about 3 pages.
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ooo when I search MY name I see that I apparently won a 5th place prize at the 2005 Dillsburg Farmers' Fair for a parade, I am also an indepentent consultant for a scrapbooking and ink group in Augusta Georgia called "What Do You Ink?", ooo and I live in Martinez and just had a baby named Taylor Ann with a guy named Christopher! Wow that is news to me! I have accomplished so much!
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Wow this is scary. I found 2 old posts form 99 about Bio stuff.
My cousin popped up alot. Apparently she was a singer in her HS play.
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Guess what I got?!?!

How much money I made on fundraisers in high school band!
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Hummm....when I googled myself, i put in my first and last name, then my full name, then my nickname (nikki) and my last name- this is what poped up:

Several Music Reviews (i was a music industry major for several years)
The Live From Memphis site i'm a member of- it has my bio and my music info
and some WEIRD crap that had nothing to do with me
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What came up was Bella and it was from a pet loss forum that prays for your animal when they are sick
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