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Look at my new necklace!

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I bought this myself a few weeks ago and it came in today, perfect timing!

It's called a Washi Pendant and the description on the website says:
Each of these stainless steel pendants features a piece of silk-screened Japanese paper (or Washi). -Blend Creations

It was in my Real Simple magazine and, I promise, the day I got the magazine I went online and it was already sold out! They restocked after Christmas but apparently it's sold out again til late February.

So... do you like it?
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Ari it's lovely!, and it's just your colour as well
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226 View Post
So... do you like it?
Excelent and wonderful my friend! ...
But It would be more beautiful if you wear it and show us!....
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It is beautiful and like Rigel said, more beautiful when you wear it.
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very cool! I love Japanese inspired pieces
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awwww Ari, its gorgeous!
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That is so pretty!
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Its very cute
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That's a cute necklace!!!

I really like it, I may have to order one for myself
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Thanks guys!

And I was going to take a pic of me wearing it but I put on makeup for work about 14 hours ago so it's all gone now and I love you guys, but I need makeup for pictures, lol!
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Oh I LOVE that! That is soooooo CUTE!
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That's cute!!!
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Super cute! I want one!
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Really cute!
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Wow those are really neat. Never seen one before. I'm going to have to look into getting one. Beautiful.
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Cute! It'll suit you!
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It's beautiful! I checked out the website...I love them, and the washi necklaces are the prettiest ones.
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That is super cute
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I like it! it's very cute and unique!
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It's gorgeous, Ari, and arrived with such perfect timing!
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Thanks guys, glad you all like it! Too bad the company doesn't know how to keep them in stock, I was debating on getting another...
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That necklace is adorable! If only they had more in stock!
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