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Ever have a cat that could open doors by leaping on the Doorkob!!?

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When I was a little boy, my family had a himalahin mix named Blue, who later died at 16 from kiddey failure, too much low quality food throughout his life,. He was one smart cat! My dad told me he could open doors by jumping up on the oppsite knob and jarring the surface, then walking in. curious ever have a cat do this?
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Not a cat but I have a chocolate lab who does it now! Drives me crazy!
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Our doorknobs are round, and all Ginger can manage to do is jiggle them, but she figured out real early that they are used for opening doors!

TCS kitties are all so smart - there are some on here that can get into things you'd never have thought they could!
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Yes unfortunately Zoey can open drawers with latches , doors ... she is learning to turn on faucets
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COOL I have only seen cats that can do this on TV or online.
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Heck yeah!! Skimbleshanks used to do that all the time. If the door wasn't completely closed, or the latch didn't work right, he'd stick his paw under and pull or push them open; or else he'd just stand up on his hind legs, reach for the handle, and paw it open! Cupboard latches were never safe from him; neither was any container in the house. He was such a little Houdini.
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Melody can open doors no matter what the handle looks like, round, french, egg shaped you name it she can open it. She has also figured out how to jiggle them loose to get them open as well. Her favorite thing is to wait till you are doing what you do in the bathroom and then send the door flying wide open! Ginger can open cupboard doors which is annoying, so we installed baby locks so she can't get in and get to the food or the chemicals for her own safety. Uno has recently been watching the two of them and has decided to give the closet doors a try and has been quite successfull here in the last few days. Glad to hear I am not the only one facing this problem!
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I have door knobs not handles so my motley group can't open doors, but they have mastered other sneaky techniques.

Freddie can unlock the cat flap and let everyone out in the middle of the night. She doesn't do it often luckily.

And when he wants to be let in but doesn't want to walk 20 feet to the cat flap (lazy monkey) Tiger rattles the letterbox to let us know he wants to come in.

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Everytime I am in the bathroom, Maia jumps up for the doorknob.............has'nt figured out how to open it yet but she only 9 months old, so.......
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Never had a cat able to do that. But mine do know that the knob has something to do with opening a door. Because when I lock them in the bathroom with me for super fun bath time they sit and stare at the door knob and try to jump to reach it.
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Mittens didn't like rooms with shut doors and would take great pleasure in opening them!

Cindy and Belle are a bit blond and have yet to figure out how to do this.
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