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Hi all,
Well I managed to get 4 out of the six.
To save space on the forum I added the pics to their site just click on their pages to view.
Will get Monty and Moofey another day, they are very camera shy, unlike the indoor mafia.
Roxane, Mishka, Bindi and Misty
Tish + 6
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Wow! They are all beeootiful furbabies! My favourite would have to be Mishka (shh, don't tell the others ). And Bindi, what unusual colouring! Thankyou for sharing them with us.
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They are all gorgeous kitties! Roxane is striking such a regal pose. Mishka is just beautiful, but I am a little partial to black cats. Bindi looks like she has a bit of tori-tude, but another regal kitty. And Misty is just precious. Love that fuzzy face!

Thanks for sharing them with us.
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Oh those babies are absolutely adorable! Thanks so much for sharing the pics.
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Beautiful cats! And what a lovely website!
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Cute :flash:
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They're all very beautiful!!
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Thank you all so much
We are very proudly owned by all of them, and yes I have to agree with you all, they all are very beautiful kitties.
Then again I have never seen an ugly cat yet LOL
Tish +
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