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A good blog site??

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I was thinking of starting a blog about Miss Bea, the dog that I'm helping to recover from a gun-shot wound (her story is in cats and other animals) but I've never blogged before aside from myspace, and I don't know what a good blog site might be. I googled, but it pulls up so many I don't know which ones are safe and what not. I want to be able to add pictures and update daily or weekly on her progress. If anyone can direct me to a good site I'd really appreciate it!!
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I have used blogger.com for posting pictures of my animals but I recently switched to a photoalbum. Blogger is really more for stories so I think that would be good to try. You can post some pics of the dog and tell her story. Plus you can personalize it with back grounds and such. Check it out
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Thank you very much, I will!!
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I use Livejournal and have for many years. I have also used Blogger.com. Both are good.
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Livejournal, Deadjournal, and Xanga are three that I've used that are all free and fairly easy to work with. If you like to do HTML and want something you can really personalize, I would suggest Pitas, but it seems like you want something fairly simple, so I would stick with one of the first three I recommended. Of them, Livejournal is the biggest and most widely used and Deadjournal the smallest I think.
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I've always like Livejournal
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I love Blogger. It's especially good if you already have a Google (gmail) account, as its a Google product and of course integrates with all other Google products. You don't need to be technically minded to use it, but if you are you can personalise it very easily.

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Another vote for LiveJournal
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