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Black feral kitty...

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I'm so sorry I was too late to help you, kitty... I am so sorry that I didn't know you were waiting there...

RIP Black girl...

(I found her already passed a few days ago, under a wagon in the field... She died of natural causes. )
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Oh the poor girl.

I'm sorry you weren't able to help her.

Rest in peace little girl. At the rainbow bridge you will be healthy and whole and loved.
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I am sorry too, but now little black kitty is playing over at the bridge.
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Poor kitty
May she RIP
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I'm so sorry. It breaks my heart to think of her dying alone and cold! Rest peacefully, little black kitty, and play happily over the bridge with all of your new friends. Look up my Whiskers, he'll take care of you!
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Oh I am sorry , hopefully Kitty crossed in peace and quiet

RIP Little one, run and play with your new fur-family
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RIP sweet kitty, knowing you were loved and will never be alone again.
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RIP sweet baby, now you will never be cold, afraid or hungry again
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I'm so sorry you found her too late Tricia Please take some consolation that she is now in a place where she will feel all the love and warmth which she was denied in her life.

R.I.P Little Black kittie

The tree glimmers in the moonlight;
it's leaves upon the ground from past cold days.
A small whimper can be heard as the hedgehogs walk past.
She has made her bed for the night,
thanking the tree for shedding its leaves.
Her tummy cries and asks for food, but there is nothing to eat.
All I want is a nice warm bed and a lap to purr on and be someone's best friend.
But here I lay once again my tummy empty on my bed of rustling leaves.
A small whimper is heard and maybe a last big sigh.
Please give me a home before I die.


You are loved now sweetie Forever in the warmth of Angels
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The fact that you care means something.

Rest in peace, little life. Play happily at the bridge.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. RIP black kitty!
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Thanks guys...
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Bless her little heart She's running happily over at the bridge now with all her new friends

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RIP little one - fly high and play happily
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