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I don't have a lot of points because anyone I've referred to TCS is either already a member or not going to become one. And I don't post a whole lot (been a member 4 1/2 years and don't have even 7,000 posts yet). And... when I have enough points, I buy gifts for friends, or commemorative ribbons.

I hear you Laurie! I've referred folks in the past too. Including my daughter but that's ok. And I don't post tons either. I just have too much on my plate to be here as much as I used to. I've been here almost 4 years and don't have 7000 posts yet either. But hey... we would have probably, if not for that one outage we had years ago where everyone lost a bunch of posts. Oh well...

PS: I think we should get points for advertising TCS on our websites. I've had a TCS banner on my site for years!