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new kit on the block

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Hey, just found this group last night. Wish there was a chat option, I LOVE to talk about our kittens. We have 2 kittens, both 4 month old orange tabbies. Their mother was a barn cat, who's owners were irresponsible and didn't get her fixed even though they didn't want any more cats around. The owner was going to destroy the litter, but one of the workers took the kittens to a friend of his, and she felt sorry for them. They were hand-raised from 1 week old. They're twin brothers, with Tiger being the runt of the litter. We've had them for 2 months now, had them both fixed at 12 weeks, although I would have liked to have had a litter from one of them.
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Beautiful babies, do they have names yet?
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Welcome to the site Myste! Your babes are just beautiful. What a sad story with a good happy ending. We like happy endings like this one.

You have come to the right place if you love to talk about your babies. We all do. And I think we have all had the non-cat people in our lives (usually co-worker) give us that "Would you shut up about them already? They are just cats!" look. Well, I guarantee you won't ever, ever, ever get that here. We all understand, we love our babies that much too. And we love to hear about other people's kitties just as much.

I'm glad to see you've already jumped into some of the other forums here. I look forward to getting to know you, Jorin and Tiger better. (I cheated on the names, I remember seeing you talk about them in the Behaviour Forum )
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They are Tiger and Jorin. Jorin is the lighter colored, bigger one, and Tiger's the little one. They're starting to develop definate personalities. Jorin's the lazy little love. Tiger's less affectionate and more active, although he's still sweet, and will stand still for a petting for a while.

Thank you for your heartfelt welcome. I have enjoyed this forum and have learned a lot.
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Welcome Myste! You are an angel for rescuing these little ones!

Welcome Tiger and Jorin! They are darling!!!! We kind of fell into cat "ownership" (Ha!) too! Were you a "cat person" before? Either way, this site is SO helpful. I joined up in June, I think. A feral mommy had her litter near us. We adopted two of the kittens, got mommy spayed, and haven't found anyone to adopt the other three, so we started taking care of them outside. (Got them neutered). Well - long and short of it is we're essentially running a Trap, Neuter, Release program now, and we're caretakers to a whole host of cats. LOL! THEY DRAW YOU IN.

You need anything, we're here!

Welcome aboard.

BTW, I didn't mean to laugh in the behavior forum. Your picture painted a different story than I'd imagined!

Join the MANY ANGELS here. We Love Furbabies!!!

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