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Royal Canin "It's All About the Kitten" Ad

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Does anyone know what type of kitten they are profiling. My two girls look exactly like that!! Well Kateerah, exactly, but Katawnah is a smidge more chubbiness to ber cheeks but is getting very lean like her sis. I know for sure their dad is siamese. Is this is 'new' type kitten or simply oriental mix?? I ask because I have surprisingly seen similar cats and it helped in describing my two. thanks in advance. [this ap appears of page 3 of the 2006-2007 kittens annual put out by cat fancy]
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Can't help you...haven't seen the ad! Got a link?

BTW, Welcome to TCS!!!
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Almost reminds me of the snow bengals - Kai has one of them (or 2) and I'm willing to bet that is what it is.

It also could be a "ghost" ocicat - which is similar - the pale pointed ones that occasionally are produced.

With the name of the cats, I suspect its a bengal. Maybe Nial can take a look if he gets the chance (tho I think they left today for the Florida show).
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thanks. yeah, once I googled on seal lynx and a snow bengal came up. I was told their momma was a 'grey' cat and the dad was siamese. They are adorable, I know they are not a special breed by any means, but they are the world to me, and I always get shocked when I see other kitties so similar to mine. Their profile is really something, they are really getting lean and long, and oriental my SO's dismay, he wanted a fat cat, oh well the little white furballs with the black white tails are a changin'
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If the dad's a simese type (he probably is a lynx point to get the stripes) and mom's a grey - she has to be carrying pointed or is a 1/2 siamese. Both sides have to have the pointed gene in order for the kittens to come out pointed - otherwise you just get solid/tabby kittens
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This is the original ad from craigslist:

My neighbors two female cats both had litters of kittens. The neighbor had no plans for finding them homes so my husband and I caught them and brought them inside. Now we have the task of finding good homes for 7 kittens.
We have 6 females and 1 male. They are
Red tabby
Brown Tabby
2 lynx point (look Siamese. probably will be seal lynx point but hard to tell until they're older)
2 brown torbies (brown tabbys with some red mixed in.

The male is a long hair red tabby.

A couple of them are a little shy but we're working on that. Considering one litter was born in our neighbors shed and one litter was born in our garage, they're doing pretty well as far as socialization goes.

The lady I got them from is sooo nice and always helps with questions and such, and believe me I was a spaz when I first got them
when the vet saw them he was pretty unknowing of 'what' they were, they were just so odd which is why my SO picked them out of the bunch, little white fluff balls with a tail of black and white [rings] and blue eyes. and now they are so lean, at first I feared they were ill until I started reading up on diff't types of kittens. and yes, they are def. very vocal, very needy [my SO's jealous, lol!!] and so mischievous. but the needy is a good thing, they are the sweetest. I apologize if this is not appropriate for this board [admin please move] I did want to know about breeds, but since they aren't purebred, I don't want to ruin the integrity of this section.
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I'm impressed (with the listing) because the person KNOWS cat colors correctly! That's rare on craigslist
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this is a really strong, descriptive photo of them taken right after their shots on 11/16/06- not sure why so strong that day, I know sometimes the temps have an they grow though, each is more individual...katawnah can get really snowy and kateerah is more grayish throughout, again acc. to temps...


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I take that back, this was them Tuesday night...!!!/14.html

[mods, please move to non-breeder site if deemed necessary, thanks ]
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They look a lot like my brother's cat Smokey

He was lighter like yours when younger, then got darker as he aged. He was mixed also, with the mother and all the other kittens in the littler looking like a seal point? (dark brown face, paws, tail, etc. with cream color body)

very cute kittens! congrats!
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THANKS, everyone
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They are beautiful kittens
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