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Review of "Affordable Cat Fence"

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Hi everyone,

I recently installed an Affordable Cat Fence around my entire backyard in order to give my cats a place to run around and to keep strays OUT. It's been up for 2 weeks now and my cats are now using the pet flap along with the dogs to go in and out at will during the day. I still lock everyone in at night.

My male, Felix tested the fence a few times. He's a formal feral and had been an indoor/outdoor kitty who'd go out the back and climb over the fence in one corner to get to the front yard---and the street. The first time out he tried his old tricks but I was there to make sure he didn't injure himself trying to get out. The next day he walked around the yard looking at all the fencing and hasn't tried since. My 7 month old formerly inside kitten hasn't done any testing at all, and REALLY is enjoying the great outdoors. My 15 year old female hasn't tried to leave the backyard in years, so is not affected either way.

My backyard does look a bit like a "penitentiary" now, but the peace of mind is enormous. I really think I will enjoy this, and I KNOW the kits do!

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That's good to know. I am still researching ways of keeping mine safe on my property so I am interested in all these products. Is there a link you can post to the manufacturers?
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Thread Starter . The folks there are super easy to deal with as I called prior to ordering as well as during installation to ask some questions. They use it at their home as well to keep in their ELEVEN cats.

Good luck!

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Thanks for that! I hate keeping mine inside as they are used to going out, but soon after we moved, in October I lost one to poison and now I daren't let them out till I have worked out some kind of safety system. It is a problem though as I have at present a variety of markers round my property - chicken wire, barbed wire, hedges, buildings and trees!
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