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I feel like crap

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Wow I think I am finally starting to see the pregnancy symptoms. I havent cooked in about 3 nights, I just feel so tired, I cant bring myself to cook.

I have been going to bed at 9:30 everynight (thank God for an easy going toddler) and I am so tired in the morning and throughout the day. When Im at work I am nauseous ALL day. I think its more stress because as soon as I get home it gets better.

I have very little appetite, last night I sent hubby to McDonalds to get food for himself while I had a bowl of chicken soup.

My energy level is so low its unbelievable. I think its time I made an appointment with my doctor because with my last pregnancy the first signs were loss of energy (im anemic) and I had bad urinary infections (if thats what theyre called) and I know I have some type of infection/irritation.

Seriously, I am going home in a few hours, cooking up some wonderful homemade nuggets with my all time favorite boxed potatoes and going to bed until Monday
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I hope you feel better soon!!
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Hopefully these syptoms go away quickly!
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I hope you feel better soon!
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Yeah, take it easy...put your feet up, and get into your doctor to check for a urinary tract infection.
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Feeling any better hun?!
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I am sorry you've felt bad, and I hope that you feel good soon! I pray that your pregnancy is healthy and happy!
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Awww, yuck, just remember, in 9 months, it'll all be worth it!

I'm hoping you feel much better, very soon!
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Sorry to hear your not feeling great! Hang in there!!
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Aww I hope you feel better soon.
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Thanks sucks..I hope you feel better soon hun

To me, babies aren't worth the annoying pregnancy phase..
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Sorry to hear you're not feeling good. Maybe you can try peppermint gum or something else peppermint at work to settle your stomach - it works really well for nausea due to motion sickness for and was recommended by my boss who was pregnant at the time. Hope you start feeling better soon! 9 short months will be worth it!
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Please get in to the doctor soon sweetie for a check up. I'm gonna start worrying about you. Be sure to stay hydrated- and even though you might not feel like it- eat something! I hope you feel better soon.
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Thanks everyone! This weekend was extremely bad, I didnt have the energy to do anything. Thank God for my wonderful baby boy who is content to sleep until late and play quietly.

I didnt even come to work yesterday. I wasnt feeling too bad but I couldnt even get out of bed, I was just that tired. Honestly, I am dying for these first months to go by so I can go back to normal!
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I bet! That first trimester can be YUCKO!!!

Hang in there...if you can get by these initial months, hopefully you'll be home-free!
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
I hope you feel better soon!!
absolutely my friend!...
))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((((((
get well soon!
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