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Never seen family photos!!

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After reading all the sad news this morning I hesitated about posting some happy news from my visit withmy mom and dad yesterday, but after thinking about it I decided to do so.
As a had mentioned in an earlier post I have all the "family photos" that my parents took while I was growing up. I have started an album with their wedding photos and organized my Dad's Air Force photos.
Mom said she had a container of "older" photos. I went to get them yesterday and brought the really old ones (from the 50's) along for more info.
I think my dad was happy to see his Air Force photos and gave me some info on them that I was guessing on (and guessed wrong).
Lots of the others -like when they built their 1st house back in 1955 and others of old friends and co-workers brought out some smiles too!
But the container had some wedding photos of my parents bros and sis (back from the late 40's to early 50's. Also an album of photos when dad was stationed in Alaska (1953).
I looked at all the photos last night and was very surprised to see a family photo of my dad's family taken when I'm think he was abround 20?? I had never seen a photo of my paternal grandmother before (she died before I was born and paternal grandfather died when I was 4). So that was exciting for me. Then I dug out some older photos (only about 4-5) of my dad as an infant and a confirmation photo.
there was a couple photos of my paternal grandparents-it was their wedding photo-I'm thinking about 1923??? Could be earlier as the dark suit that he was wearing when you angle the photo it looks blue/silvery. That was so surprising to see-I bet my mom and dad don't remember that photo is in that container!!
So I'm going to get an old timey type frame and give it so them next time I see them so mom can put it by the wedding photo of my maternal grandparents!!
So I'm glad I could bring back some memories to my parents and find these photos of my paternal grandparents!!
Just wanted to share.
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Awww tha's lovely!. I love looking at old family pictures
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Thank you for sharing; it's nice to have something to make you smile.
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