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Exteme hate blossoms into true love!!

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Some of you know I have had Persi since he was a litter mate and that I had always had adopted cats before him, in fact, seven other female cats from shelters or that just showed up on my porch. I was determined that my last cat would be a male and a purebred. This lasted until Persi was 9 months old, which at time our kids in California found a cat that needed to be saved. That 2 1/2 year old female cat was shipped to us two weeks ago. I have been on this behavior forum many times since, showing my concern and depression that the two were wanting to kill each other. The last posting I made here was of them in the same room but staring hate daggers at each other. I posted that photo here and promised I would never put another photo on until they were cuddling in each other's arms. I actually had extreme doubts that this was ever going to happen at all. But all of a sudden things changed, a lot due to encouragement I received here and advice on the matter. They finally started coming to bed with us at night but with Persi over on my side and Alley on my wife's side. And then the miracle happened. Here are three photos from the last three nights taken on our bed to show you the progression of the behavior of these two lovebird cats:

Three nights ago:

Two nights ago:

And last night, the ultimate cuddle - the one I never thought was going to happen

This ends the story of Persi and Alley, who are now best buddies and both laying in here by my chair at this moment. Together. Well, this does not end the story but does end my crying and frustations over the worry about adopting another cat. Thank you, TheCatSite!
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That is so absolutely wonderful. It just takes patience.

Actually I'm envious because mine just tolerate one another. They don't even cuddle after 2-3 years together.

I'm also glad to see Alley in your signature.
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That's amazing! It would have been a happy enough ending if they'd just learned to tolerate each other, let alone cuddle.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
That's amazing! It would have been a happy enough ending if they'd just learned to tolerate each other, let alone cuddle.
i'm so glad, tho, that they became buddies. it's so sweet to see our babies love each other like that
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Congrats, some cats just need time. Way to not give up on them!
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You see, Persi? You just had to wait. Treat her with kindness.

Or she'll whack the crap out of you like Topaz does to Ari when he is too rambunctious.
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I'm glad they finally made friends with eachother.

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Wow I am jealous!

Ceci and Samantha still dont get along, or better worded Ceci doesnt get along with Samantha. I have watched Samantha try to get close and lay down and Ceci will have nothing to do with her.

The other day they were starving and Samantha came over (only because I had food) and she started trying to rub on Ceci, and Ceci just hissed and whacked her on the
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See it just took time Ling and Charlie still get into the wrestling stuff at times, but many times you can catch them cuddled next to each other and sometimes even washing the ears

Then a minute later its a wrestle match

How long was it from time you got her to this point of them loving each other? For us, its been about 3 weeks, cause only in the last week or so have they really been buddies.
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Persi and Alley, happily ever after
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That is wonderful
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Well, that made my day. Congratulations!!!
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