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I think this cat is brain damaged.

She ran across the kitchen, though the lving room and threw herself at the bedroom door......and it opened!!!!

I scooted her out, but now, she will try all the harder to get in. After she got scooted out, she jumped onto the little stand where the fan was and knocked over the four candles, jumped on the couch and swiped PeePeePete in the mush......jumped off the couch and onto the comptuer making it sway like a ship in a gale.....and then sat on the computer and looked at all the mess she had made.

I think this cat is brain damaged.
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she's a maniac, she's a maniac!!! I am so glad I got lazy kittens!!
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Must be the water...................

Never feed a cat anything that clashes with the carpet.
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Tammy-Timmy sounds like she's got some serious spazoid energy to burn! Is she still a kitten?
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Tammy-Timmy, as well as we can figure is about 1 year old. She is spayed and I thought that would help quiet her down. NNNOOOOOOOO.

So, the daily routine is that when I get up, she starts running around. She runs into KiyaChan,( who is too much of a gentleman to even notice ) she spits and hisses at ChanKahli (who is too much of a lady to return fire) and jumps all over PeePeePete. Of course, he loves it.

Slam against the door, has to be with me when I eat my toast and drink my coffee, jumps on the dryer and washer just because it is higher than anything wonder I am on tranquilizers!!!! And...I'm out of vodka. Whew!!! That cat drives me nuts.
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I have a little girl that acts the same. I swear she smokes crack in her free time.
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Originally Posted by pjrocco View Post
I have a little girl that acts the same. I swear she smokes crack in her free time.
Hmm, Janet? What "substances" does Tammy-Timmy have access to in your home?

And it ain't the vodka I'm referring to!
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Oh God, I wish!!!

This is the first cat I have had, including my ferals, that I have seriously considered asking the vet for kitty prozac. Or ritalin. Or anything. And no, she doesn't l ike vodka.....she tried to take mine away from me a while back and decided that catnip was better.
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Janet, you're obviously not giving Timmy-Tammy enough attention!

You should quit your job and devote ALL your time to playing with her. What's wrong with you? And you can then take up drinking professionally! I'm sure we can get a round-robin kind of thing going here at TCS where we all take turns sending you a bottle of vodka! Just let me know....

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You know, maybe you should be training her for the Cat Agility - I'm sure she'd win first place ALL the time

Do you have a treehouse? Maybe you need more then one? Is she the only cat? If so, get her someone to play with.

Just HOW much catnip is she using are you SURE its catnip?
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I highly doubt even Ritalin is gonna slow Tammy-timmy down!
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Oh guys, guys I thought you'd never ask. PM me and I'll give you my address for the vodka. Thanks.

We have two cat trees with stands, places to hide and a ramp. There are three other cats, ChanKahli, KittenKiya and PeePeePete.

I don't know what else to do. If I get another cat tree, I lose my couch. If I get another cat, I lose my mind.

I'll take the vodka, thank you.
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Are you sure it's catnip in that bag???
If she starts eating non stop I'd take a closer look at it
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Sounds like she's having a great time!

At least she keeps you on you toes!
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Well, she's at it again.....she knocked over the stand with the silk plants in it and now there is that stuff they put the stems into all over the house. She knocked over the candles.....again!!!!

KittenKiya decided to join in and tipped over the water bowl. That's it....everyone is getting vodka collins's tonight.!!!!!!
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Oh I am glad someone else has got a "Raptor" Miss Moofs drives us bonkers, she leaps everywhere, skids on the tiles, knocks food bowls flying ( yak! ) frightens the bejeebers outta poor Pepsi. I can tell you, it tires me out just watching her.
The kits stayed in yesterday cos it rained ALL DAY so she was leaping up the walls, thankfully today she has been able to go out and run all her energy off - we are jiggered

Its so strange that some kits are just full of beans and others are just plain old lazy
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