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Wickett got a butt bath

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So, last night I was sitting on the couch when Wickett came to cuddle. He'd just been digging in his litter box so I didn't think it was odd that he smelled like litter dust and a vague scent of poo. Well, a second later he gets up and goes to the foot stool to do some more 'grooming'. He comes back a minute later to snuggle more and this time I distincly smell poo... so I do what any good meowmy would and check his tail. Sure enough he had some runny poop stuck to his fur back there... so I scoop him up and carry him to the kitchen to see if I can just trim the poopy fur off anf be done with it. Well, Wickett doesn't like having his back side looked at let alone trimmed so he freaks out and I decided that it was too runny to just trim out. Yup, time for soap & water.

Here's my poor boy trying to hide in the corner of the bathroom as he awaits his dire fate in the tub

I decided I could trim a little more while I was in the tub... but realized that I needed a trach can for the fur... I got a little desparate when Matt though it was more fun to take pictures than to help.

Fortunatly only his back side needed washing but he was still very unhappy about it... it is rather humiliating...

He managed to stay mostly dry but his tail was suddnly 1/4 it's normal size

I also had some cute pics of him in the towel after and also of my feet which took the most damage while I was tying to keep him in the tub but for some reason I'm having trouble w/ those images.

I can't imagine what it'd be like to give him a full bath... he's so fluffy it'd take him days to dry. As it was he was mostly dry after about an hour but he did alot of his own grooming after. So, before bed, as a treat for being such a good boy he got some cat nip. We went to bed and I came back down for something to find him rolling on the floor. I wish I'd gotten a pic of that but all th elights were out. All his tummy fur that had gotten damp was now all curly/wavy and it was adorable.

And, one last pic to give him some of his dignity back... being cute in his blanket...
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Oh, the indignities.... You are a handsome cat, Wickett.

Nice of him to let you do this without shredding you, the shower curtain and anything else in paw's reach.
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Thanks, I needed a laugh today! Poor handsome Wickett

The last pic is very adorable.
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Poor wicket, he sure doesn't look like he enjoyed that. But wow what a handsome boy you have
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Awwww, poor Wickett! He looks so adorable in that towel!

Ginger can relate - I had to give her a butt bath when she sat in dishsoap once!
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He hated every moment of it! My feet endured some scratching but the shower curtain as still in tact.

The last pic actually isn't a towel. That was from another day when he curled up in his (my) blanket.

I tried taking some good face closeups this afternoon cuz the sun was out and I swear everytime he wasn't moving he refused to look at me. He has such a cute face too I'd really like to make a close up siggy for him. I have one for Frankie but he either won't hold still or his eyes get flashed out.
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OMG I fear the day that Trout needs a bath. It won't be that easy at all
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Poor Wickett! I bet he was pretty unhappy for a while!
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Awww, poor guy! I love the last picture- he's stunning!
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Wickett says "Thank you Kenz!"

He didn't come out of the bathroom until Frankie went to pick on him.
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Wickett is a beautiful boy, but something tells me he wasn't too happy about the butt bath!
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Awww - poor Wickett! He doesn't look very happy about his butt bath!
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Wicketts a very good boy not so sure how I´d go on with Dino, he´s just so skittish..........
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Awww, poor kitty!

Chynna is so tubby that she can't wash her back end so I have to do it for her. So every so often I hold her like a football under my arm and take her to the kitchen sink and wash her back end with a soapy cloth and water.

When she was lighter I used to take her into the shower with me. She would let out a loud howl and then tuck her head under my chin and resign herself to being washed. She never scratched me either. She's such a good kitty about not scratching me or anything.
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