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Do your Kitties watch TV?

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I am sitting here recording some kids shows on DVD for my rugrats and I notice that Kirra is watching Backyardagins ROFL. Its not the first time i have caught her watching tv, usually its football that gets her attention, all the back and forth movement and the scrolling bar they have. But some reason a kids show has her focus now. I was wondering how many of yawl have cats that watch the tube? She will occasionally sit down by the tv and watch other shows but no where near as long as she is watching right now from the comfort of daddy's computer chair she has taken over while he is at work.
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Actually our lab, Keno, watches tv - especially if there is an animal on the screen. The cats don't bother. However, Charlie was watching one of the Tom/Jerry cartoons on metacafe sitting on my lap the other nite
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Fluffy loves to watch tv. My massage table is right in front of the tv, so she sits up there and watches intently. Her Highness does not like to be disturbed while watching, either. She will nip you if you bother her.
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I've never noticed Puff watching Tv. But Kota will. Expecially when I am watching Animal cops. It's like she knows that she's lucky she has a good home.
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When I first got my feral kitten Juno, at 5 mo. she had never seen a TV set. She would sit for 15-20 min. watching. Then she would try to paw the people etc. off the screen. When that didn't work, she would go to the back of the set as if to find where the movement was coming from and try to catch it. After having her for 5 mo. she still watches but not with the intensity she did in the beginning.
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Chloe does not. Iris, however, is another story. If the TV or computer monitor have something interesting on it, she's very attentive.

(Click for larger images)

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Ari seldom does though he was interested yesterday during the US Figure Skating Championships. The girl was dressed in white with black trim and caught his attention for most of her program.

We had a deaf cat who did quite often. On one Muppet Show they had a guest puppeteer who did shadow puppets. There was an ostrich, a hippo, and a mouse that would do things (walk a tightrope,etc.). The mouse really caught his attention and at one point Al (Aloysius) was checking behind the TV for that mouse!
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My kitty loves following the mouse icon on the computer
The other day i was watching blade 2( for the sake of it)
and my kitty was enjoyng watching peoples heads getting choped off and stuff!!
Then he want hyper and start wanting to play football with me
The only difference was he bite my foot lol
So at night i played a little game with him at 12 o clock
I would turn the lights off so its really dark
and then walk around
be cause the cat was hyper it was jumping on my legs and head

Tv makes tyson hyper lol bad bad bad lol
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The only time either kitten paid attention to the tv was when we watched Ice Age 2. I don't know why, but Lily was totally fascinated by it!

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I have only had one of my cats watch TV once... It was the funnist thing I had even seen.

It was a show about cougars, lynx, and bobcats. Spaz was sitting on the sofa next to me and when the cougar meowed, it suddenly grabbed his attention. HIs tail was flicking wildly and he was moving his head back and forth trying to see behind the trees on the TV. If the cougar would move behind a tree he would move his head to try and see behind it. Finally, he slowly moved closer to the tv chirping the entire time. When he got to the tv he tryed to touch the cougar. I was trying soooo hard not to laugh and spook him. Then a commercial came on and he lost all interest.

After my husband and I were laughing so hard we were crying. I wish I had videotaped it!
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yes indeed, he loves wildlife shows, or any program with birds or other animals, even tom & jerry!
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Originally Posted by Naturestee View Post
That is too cute!!

Jordan watches golf and football sometimes, much to my husband's delight. So does the puppy, come to think of it... hmm!
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Max never has time to watch TV - he is always too busy causing mayhem!! Paddy, however likes watching snooker, and watches the balls whizzing across the screen. Ben's favourite form of entertainment after wathcing the mouse on the PC screen, is the washing machine - he will sit and watch it spin for hours!!!!
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Carly will pay attention every once in awhile. Once, DH was watching a show on bird migration and she actually went after one of the birds. Last night while we were watching The Sixth Sense, she was watching intently during one scene. I suspect it was the music that caught her attention but it was hilarious watching her be so intent during a suspenseful scene.

The others are oblivious unless there is a door bell on the tv.
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Kiko and Ducky watching TV .......

Ducky and Laura

Kiko again....... this one makes me laugh for some reason .......

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They are sooo cute, Pam!
Dori has never shown an interest in the tv, except once when Wheel of Fortune was on.
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Mosi gets very excited watching tv

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Dusty usually ignores TV, except for one time. We were both in bed early in the morning, watching "Barking Mad" on Animal Planet. It featured a very naughty kitty that attacked people that came into his house. This cat on TV was hissing and growling. Dusty sat straight up and hissed and growled back, then started jumping at the TV screen! It was so funny!! She wasn't about to let that nasty kitty in her house!
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Here is Mama watching her fave bird video. GET DAT BIRDIE! We put it in just for kicks tonight and she was at the screen in two seconds flat! Enjoy seeing everyone's pics! They are really cute!

Here is the same video with my parent's cat - Grey

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Chris I want that movie now! Lol, love the cats looking so interested!
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Yes see the picture.[IMG][/IMG]
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My guys love watching TV, too. It's so funny how interested in it they get. And, I could be imagining it, but I really think they're partial to the Animal Planet channel! The Dog Whisperer? They're on it. A deep sea documentary? They're mesmerized! Animal Cops? Forget treats! *smile*

Here's Rachel and Meghan checking out their fav. channel.

And Ollie trying to catch that darn mouse!

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My little black girl watches TV and has the annoying habit of standing up with her front paws on the DVD player.. which of course turns it on... or off depending. However, I am a little suspect if its the TV show shes interested in... or the static. She loves to pat the TV screen and you can hear the static noises.

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Yep! Gillan loves tv too. Certain things catch his eye and he's right up at the screen, pawing it!

He likes the whiskas advert too!
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