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Night time crazies

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Tell me about what your cats do when they get the 'night time crazies'

You know, when they start BRRROWWW OOWWING at the top of their lungs for no reason, and then go into a mad dash sprint through the house at 100 miles an hour as if their tail was on fire, scaling furniture, people, whatever is in their way for what seems absolutely no reason.

Saki is especially guilty of this, particularly at 2:00am
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My kitties don't get the night time crazies
They're having a nice quiet grooming session at the moment...

Tomas does get the ' morning hungries harrass owner to get out of bed and feed him' though
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Oh boy!

You are lucky if your kitties don't get the night time crazies!!

Diesel is the one known for them in this house, he scales the walls! He seriously runs around the walls about 6 feet in the air!

And just starts randomly meowing, which is weird, cause he doesn't normally make a sound!

Its very funny to watch though!
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Kirra gets the crazies, day and night lol. Worst part about the night ones is she usually does them AFTER i move to the couch with my 3 year old and tramples both of us during the run to the couch, spring off and fly through to kitchen. Before they she is happy to snuggle with daddy as he is a great source of heat. We have hard wood floors and with her nail caps it sounds like a horse trapsing through the house "clunk click, clunk click" its funny, but at 9lbs she can sound like an elephant thats for sure. She zooms around the house, does verticle jumps, and runs head first into her playhouse and chairs. She is neurotic.
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Hmm let me see.. Well the most recent episode involved Reeses somehow getting her bag of treats out of a baby proof locked cabinet, ripping open the bag and eating the treats in side. I made a thread on that yesterday.

Other than that she does the following:

1) Runs around the house like she's in the Indy 500

2) Lays on her back under our bed and rapidly pulls herself from one end to the other

3) Tries to get into the locked cabinets all while slamming the doors

4) Plays with shoes, coat hangers and other stuff in the closet

5) Looks out our bedroom windows while chewing on the curtains

6) Gets on my wifes night stand and normally would knock the lamp over but we poster puttied those down

7) Plays with the cord to my clock radio, the phone, my wife's clock radio etc..

8) Brings her squeaky mouse into the bedroom and throws it around

All of this usually happens pretty consistantly at 4 or 5am. Lately she's been doing it as early as 3. Luckily though for us it only lasts about a 30-40 minutes and then that's it for the night.
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The only reason I know my cats have the nighttime crazies, is because they usually do the "Kitty 500" across my head at night at least once or twice. And, I heard the galloping sounds...sounds like a herd of elephants!
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LOL funny stories!!

Malikitty my friends cat sounds like a horse when he's running through the house because she lives on the top floor. It's pretty hilarious but the nail caps thing must sound so funny too!
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Oh man, they go nuts! Usually Iris (white and orange) starts it. She meows at top volume - and she's already a chatty, loud cat - and zooms around the house at top speed. We've seen her bound off of walls and furniture at amazing speed and angles. She'll run at 5000 miles an hour, screech to a halt, pivot, and head back in the opposite direction. Oh, and did I mention that she also likes to scoop dry kibble out of the bowl, scatter it around the kitchen, and paw it under the appliances? *sigh*

Then Chloe tends to get riled up and they start chasing each other around at mach speed. Often times that leads to wrestling. Then they're pooped. They usually rev up around 9 PM. I'm sure they do it in the middle of the night too, but we've gotten better at sleeping throught it unless they bound across the bed, which does happen sometimes! This morning at some insane hour they pulled down a flimsy curtain rod. We just rolled over and went back to sleep.
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My boys are constantly running around the house at odd hours!
Its always funny when they are in the bedroom and you hear the deep meow, one kitty run away, then the other one behind (usually Davdison is being chased ) and then they run into the living room and usually thru the shades, BAM, right into the patio door! That usually makes them quiet down for a bit!
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I enjoy their night time crazies! I'm a light sleeper and used to waking up at dawn to feed them and clean up the litterboxes. Night crazies are sort of a "good morning" greeting for me.
First I have a kitty stampede up and down the hall

Then I open up the house and they run outside to play under the stars until breakfast time at sunrise.
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We have mad half hours here. It's like they all synchronise their internal clocks and decide to create bedlam all at once. They race upstairs over all the beds, down the stairs and over the sofas (if you in the way tough luck) then into the kitchen sliding on the floor and then outside. This can go on for ages and it wears me out just watching them. Sometimes all 6 go mad at once but often Penny and Freddie just lay on the sofa and pretend to be asleep until Ali lands on their heads. So delicate

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The night crazies is normal around our home with 5 cats. It is just recently that i have become concerned because they are extra crazy border line bad at night. Usually they all get along great and have their own personal spaces to sleep, but since our eldest cat passed away the first of the month, the rest of them are fighting. I realize the pecking order is changing, but i really don't appreciate the fights taking place on me when i am trying to sleep. I wear ear plugs so i don't hear their squeeky toys and bells, but i don't know how to get them to settle down at night. I try keeping them awake during the day hours as much as i can, but i realize they go soundly back to sleep on our bed after we go to work. Any suggestions as to how to end the night fighting? They don't seem to hurt each other, i am the one who ends up bleeding from them running and launching off of me. I have noticed also, that they are more calmer in nice weather. I wonder if they can get seasonal depression like people do? Cats have always been a mystery to me, but i also find that that is part of their charm. We must really love them or we wouldn't be loosing sleep over them.
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At approx. 11pm my cat goes crazy. Her pupils appear to dilate, and her back starts to twitch. I'll be watching TV and suddenly hear her sprint at lightspeed across the house, leap *thud* short "meow" like a statement, followed by leap *thud* sprint-sprint-sprint back the way she came, leap *thud* some rustling as she looks out the blinds...

We say she's doing her nightly rounds and saying the place is all clear.
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Before Ben only Lucky would get a little loney. He would cry when I get into bed. I would have to call him into the room. He would cuddle for 20mins and leave again.

Ben starts at 11pm & wakes up Lucky. He plays/fights with Lucky. If I am still up Ben walks on anything that he shouldn't & pulls everything off the tables. Sometimes he dumps his cup on water in the sink. I refuse to refill it. Lucky has taught Ben how to knock on the bedroom door. Around 3am Ben starts knocking and doesnt' stop until DH gets up at 4:30. When Lucky knocks he comes in to cuddle and then wakes DH up but for the last week Ben has been knocking. Ben doesn't come to cuddle he comes to tear the room apart. Now we have to ignore the knocking.

Molly is a sweetie and sleeps with us. Ben likes to play/fight with her and she hates it. So Molly is in the room from 9-5am then 6-11am with me.
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Sibohan gets the crazies too. Right when I am about to go to sleep she will start meowing at the celing and closet until I get up pet her and tell her to go to bed she's insistant that there is somthing up there and won't let it go.
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I love all the stories. Cats are so funny, how could anyone not love them!
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My new kitten gets the crazies when I go to bed. He thinks my waterbed is a race track and is up and down and alll around it. That isn't so bad but at 6 in the morning when I want to sleep it is.
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My cats mainly just run around and chase each other. Every now and then I'll wake up to something being knocked over and I'll have to get up and put it back, but other than that, I sleep through it all. A few weeks ago, Tyran knocked over a 3 gallon fish tank at 2:30am. Let me tell you. Its sooooooo much fun soaking up 3 gallons of water and picking up pebbles, having to fill up a spare tank with treated water, and have to get up early in the morning for work. Other than that, there have been no more accidents due to night crazies (now that I've moved the spare 5 gallon tank into the bathroom where the cats can't get it).
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Last nights crazies was funny. Someone down the hall was out and about very late. Ben thought he could use the peep hole to see who they were. He jumped about a dozens times before I could stop laughing to yell at him. Then he ran corner to corner in our dining room. I have corner shelves that are open at the bottom. I am surprised hubby could sleep. I couldn't stop laughing. Tonight he has been good.
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Originally Posted by Soka View Post
A few weeks ago, Tyran knocked over a 3 gallon fish tank at 2:30am. Let me tell you. Its sooooooo much fun soaking up 3 gallons of water and picking up pebbles, having to fill up a spare tank with treated water, and have to get up early in the morning for work. Other than that, there have been no more accidents due to night crazies (now that I've moved the spare 5 gallon tank into the bathroom where the cats can't get it).
omg are the fish ok??
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This ball is the source of our "midnight crazies". I call it the soccer game. Every night, shortly after we go to bed, Nermal starts a soccer match, with himself, on and off the bed with this ball. It starts up again around 6am.
In my opinion, it is super cute and sort-of relaxing. If it gets too frantic, I will hide the ball under my pillow until the next night.
Nermal is so light footed, plus he makes no vocal sounds when playing, that it doesn't really bother me as I like to know he is having fun.
I am however thankful that his brother, Fred (nicknamed "Heavy Paw")doesn't participate as he is never quiet.
The two cats do a lot of running up and down stairs, play fighting and knocking over furniture in the later evening. Luckily this doesn't usually occur after 11pm.
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Lets see

1) We randomly start to want to play
2) We meow at absolutely nothing (stormie)
3) We start to pounce on each other
4) We start to chase each other all through my room taking anything thats in their way including the curtains
5) Jumping and hiding on me while playing
6) We want to play with the guniea pigs and rabbit (stormie, but thats becomeing an all the time thing adn I came never take my eye off of her)
7) We climb up the bed usually under the covers (stormie doesnt jump on the bed she climbs it)
8) we sleep in random places and move me the mommy all over the place sometimes half way off the bed, or they are under the covers and surprise me in the morning when I stratch and accidently hit or kick someone because they were hidden
9) And some of the stuff I just dont know, I wake up with random scratchs all the time not that much recently tho thank goodness, but my kitties are always sleeping and get really hyper at night and i try to switch their schedule and I did somewhat they are just really early birds that drive me nuts in the morning with meowing for different reasons !!!
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Astrid gets the crazies too, but I seem to be able to sleep through most of it now. I had to remove EVERYTHING off the top of my bureau (perfume, jewelry box, any and all random girl stuff) because her favorite night time crazy thing was to knock them over (crash, bang etc.). However, now that the bureau top is cleared, when she wants to be bad, she gets a hold of the drawer pulls and BANGS, BANGS, BANGS until I get up. Grrrrrr.

But every morning, between two and three AM, I get woken up by a big THUD with her jumping on the bed and depositing a wet toy on my head. She then proceeds to head butt me to move over so she can get under the covers and get in the warm spot where I was laying. And I do it! When I get up in the morning, there are toys everywhere and blankets pulled off and all sorts of evidence that she was VERY busy during the night!
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Originally Posted by Fred&Nermal View Post
If it gets too frantic, I will hide the ball under my pillow until the next night.
LOL I have to do this sometimes with Saki's toy mice (the ones that rattle). He will start playing with one on the bed like crazy in the middle of the night, because he wants me to throw it for him and in the middle of the night that 'rattling' sound is like magnified like 100%
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Haha, good post!

Spike and Leo usually start their crazies at about 8pm. We live in a raised ranch, so our house is a long, rectangular shape. The living room is at the north end, and my room is at the south end. They will chase either other, VERY loudly, up and down the length of the house, in loops. They do a bank turn at each end, using the recliner as their launch pad in the living room, and their cat tower as the other launch pad in my room. They will do this over and over! We've gotten quite used to it
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