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Cats and TV's

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I was just wondering out of curiosity if anyone elses cats get effected by the TV?

Corky ignores it completly but on odd occasions Jinxy will stand with her paws on the tv watching the screen and bat at the pictures, it happens on all sorts of programmes as well, fromm football to a holiday programme. Very cute if a little odd
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heh, I have some cute pictures of Jorin watching TV. For a while he laid on the arm of the couch and watched it. Then he went up and sat next to it, watching. I've learned to keep my camera handy at all times with these two. I just now got some cute pictures of them laying together on the window sill, snuggling together.
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Generally, mine aren't too interested in the TV. The exception is when I watch The Planet's Funniest Animals on Animal Planet. If that catches their eyes, they are glued. One time there was a kitten on the TV that popped down in a hole in the floor, and both of my kitties jumped off the bed and were looking all around the bottom of the TV to find that kitten.

The only other time was quite recently when hubby was watching Desperado (Antonio Banderas and Selma Hayak), and Ophelia became completely enthralled. I don't know what it was, but she sat and watched a good 20-30 minutes of the movie. At least she has good taste, Antonio looks great in that movie!
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We work from home and are in the Finance Industry, so we watch CNBC or Bloomberg the better part of the day. Our cats go NUTS for the ticker rolling by across the bottom of the screen it is entertainment for anywhere from 5 mintues to 1/2 an hour a day. They constantly bat at the letters scrolling by, trying to "catch" them or something. LOL! We're thinking about starting a newsletter with "Sheldon's Stock Picks" or something!!!

But better than the T.V. is the window. I call our window "Cat T.V." We can spend hours at the window, watching leaves fall, birds at the feeder, bugs flying by, other cats walking around. Any time a person or car walks by (not very often around here) we BOLT into the bedroom. It is too funny.

If you WANT to entertain your kitties, try the screensaver Hissy posted a link to:


I have a laptop and won't do it - I can't keep them off the keyboard as it is!!!!

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I have a video called 'cat TV' its specially developed for cats, and shows things flying around the TV, mice etc. My Purdita loves it, it keeps her quiet for the 60 mins running time!
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My girls were enthralled by the winter Olympics.

They just loved the ice skating and the speed skaters. Especially the speed skaters, they kept watching their legs swish back and forth, and the little heads went from left to right, left to right. I normally don't watch the speed skating but it amused me to watch them watching .

Neesey - Where did you get the cat video? My neighbor had one, but my cats weren't too thrileed they watched a little bit, but couldn't figure out how to get the big birds and big fish out of the box. I still wouldn't mind owning one. Let me know, thanks!
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My little Pearl likes Fox and Friends in the morning. I leave it on at night and will often wake up and see her watching. I have noticed that she only watches when E.D. Hill is talking. I guess she likes the sound of her voice. She will sit in front of the tv, and her little head will snap to attention when she hears that one voice.
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my cat doesn't seem too interested in what is on TV ( although she gets upset if i don't turn it on at nite- we live alone and it gets pretty quiet and lonely-like)
however, if she hears a cat meow, she goes beserk!! i once got an e-card from my daughter with a cat that meowed in it, and she was all over the monitor looking for that cat! LOL
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My kitten watches TV with my husband. She also thinks the computer screen is fascinating. The cursor moving is especially intersting, but she just loves to sit and wacth everything moving.

I sometimes find myself craning my neck to see the screen around this 1 1/2 pound kitten!
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Ivo's attention is sometimes caught by the TV. She'll stop and look, then keep going. I bought her one of those kitty videos, and she watched it once. It doesn't interest her anymore.

The one TV she loves is a National Geographic/Nature special about large cats (lions, panthers, I can't remember) on the coast of South America. The show follows a female for a few years, including having cubs, hunting, etc. Every time it's on, she'll sit and watch it for tens of minutes at a time.
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He he he!

My mum's cat Kona (Siamese) is 6 months old and he just looooves TV!

He actually yowls and demands it be put on for him at times. Mum's set up his own little chair in front of the TV and he'll sit there for long periods watching all sorts of programs (it allows her to do the housework unhindered). It's funny, when the commercials come on he recognises them as commercials and will glance around the room until the program's back on! One commercial he goes berserk over though is an RSPCA (Animal Protection) commercial which has "all creatures great and small" walking across the screen one by one. His eyes nearly pop out of his head as he watches the parade of animals - he paws at the screen at some (cats and rodents) and retreats from the scary ones!

Very funny indeed!

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I have just downloaded that WONDERFUL screen saver, Pixel Pets.

I was literally rolling about laughing when Ferdy, who was dozing on my lap, saw the cat running around on the screen.

He leapt up onto the desk and arched his back at the screen. He them started chattering at the ginga screen cat and tried to get behind the screen to see where it had come from.

He was so befuddled and confused! Even now, he's lying on the floor with one eye on the screen looking out for the mad cyber cat!

Thanks for that link, I must've missed the original post!
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