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I wrote a while back that after being neutered, my cat seemed to be losing weight. I thought that I had seen me gain a little weight but now I notice he is slim again.
Do male cats gain much weight after neutering or is that a normal thing, having a slim cat?
He does eat very well and runs.
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Do you weigh him regularly? How much weight has he lost exactly and between what kind of time span? My vet told me once that there was a certain percentage of weight that a cat can lose and be healthy with no issues, unfortunately I cant remember it now but a quick call in to your vet could probably answer that question.

My friends male cat is a thin cat. After he was neutered he didnt gain any weight if anything he looks thinner but he's totally healthy with no issues so I guess some cats are just thinner than others (kinda like people hehe).
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I have two very healthy, very slim male cats here.
When in doubt, ask your vet.
Cats though, are like us, very individual in weights, sizes and builds.
My thin boys are very lanky and atheletic.

For the most part, it's simply not correct that cats gain weight after being neutered, it simply depends on the cat, his activity level and food intake, and of course genetics.
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Here is a picture of my Tom. Does he look average weight or does he appear skinny?
I ask for your help for now because I am unable to take him to the vet due to financial reasons.
If he does look bad to you, please tell me.


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