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Oh I am so happy to hear that!! Go Bea!
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thats wonderful news. WTG Bea Your such a strong brave girl
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I'm happy to hear the Bea is still making progress.
She'll be running around on all four legs before you know it!
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I wanted to post a couple of pictures of Bea up and about since the last pics she was still drowsy from the drugs...

She doesn't like the camera flash too much....

Here you can really see the cast, the harness looks goofy on her I know, but it allows me to lift her front end easily if she needs help.

In this one she has green eye.... I couldn't get rid of it to make it look right, but you can definately tell she's feeling better!

Thanks again to all of you who have been so supportive through this whole ordeal!
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She looks like she's doing SO much better!

Go Bea!
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She is so beautiful! I want to take her home with me. What kind of dog is she?
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She's a chow mix. Mixed with what, I have no idea. She's such a loving girl though. She steals everyone's hearts!!
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aww..she looks so happy even though what she's going through! and she stole my heart the first time I saw her picture! I know she is mixed with chow, maybe golden retriever, or collie, too?
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
aww..she looks so happy even though what she's going through! and she stole my heart the first time I saw her picture! I know she is mixed with chow, maybe golden retriever, or collie, too?
I hadn't thought of Golden Retriever, that most fits her personality! That may be it!
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What a little sweetheart, she's so cute.
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I just read this...what a lovely, lovely dog. What a horrible person whoever did this...may karma bite them big time.

I wish Bea a continued smooth recovery, and hope to hear she has a home with your grandparents
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She is so cute! She looks like a big cuddley teddy bear. Glad she is doing better.
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We're all rooting for you, resilient Bea!
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I am glad that Miss Bea is feeling better.

Please continue to keep us posted on her.
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I just got caught up on this thread. What a terrible thing to happen to such a sweet looking dog! I am so very glad that you have been able to help her and she is doing better. In the last set of pics she looks so happy despite what has happened to her. She is such a brave girl!

I will keep her in my thoughts and hope she continues to do better!
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There's not really a whole lot to update, but I wanted to anyway!

Today is the last day of Bea's antibiotics, so now is the time that we really need to pay close attention to make sure that infection doesn't set in. She's still doing great, she's even been playing with my dogs some!! She can now officially out-run me on her 3 good legs! She doesn't like to be put on the leash to go outside (I think she misses running free) and so we do quite a dance through the house before I can finally hook her up!! The funny thing is that once I do get her hooked up, she walks on that leash like she's done it her entire life!!

Wednesday the 7th, is the day that Daisy goes in for her yearly check-up and shots, so I made an appointment with my vet to have Bea groomed that day as well. She has a lot of mats, and I'm not sure if she's ever had a bath before, so I thought I better leave this one to the professionals!! Not to mention, it will give my vet a chance to take a peek at that leg without having to charge me for another office visit!

So, thats about all there is for now. I'll probably be posting pictures Wednesday after she gets all prettied up! Who knows, she could look like a totally different dog!!

Thanks for the continued prayers!! They have made such a difference!!

ETA: If anyone wants my vet information for any reason what-so-ever to clarify that this is what I say it is, just drop me a pm! I'll be happy to give it to you! No hard feelings, I understand that trust is an issue on the site lately!
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I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face, hope DH just come in for a little while. At first they were sad tears, but in the end they are happy tears. Bea looks so much like my Dawg. (yes his name is Dawg, not to original in names) So glad she is doing so well. I will keep her in my prayers. Thank you and your family for being so great!! I bet she will be beautiful after her grooming, and will probably feel beautiful too. Hope she likes all the attention. Please post new pictures after grooming, I'm interested to see if she looks like Dawg after he is groomed.
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I'm so glad that Bea is coming along so well.
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She is a gorgeous girl and you are wonderful to take her in! Here's praying no infections set in once antibiotics are finished. She looks like she's recovering in record time!

About the finances, I don't know if your area allows people to put collection jars around town, like in 7-11 or somewhere like that. Here, people are allowed to w/ the owner's permission. They usually just have a picture and short description of who needs help. People would definitely drop their change once they saw her pretty face and heard the story. It may not bring in much, but every little bit helps...feeding a dog that big for 4 months isn't going to be cheap (as I'm sure you know)! Also, once it gets warmer there is alway the option of a car wash or something.

Anyway, thoughts and prayers going out to Bea and you and your family for being the angels that you are!
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What a sad story! Bea is so beautiful, it makes me so angry that somebody could do that to her but you are an absolute angel for taking her in.
So glad she is doing so well
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Gah I am not even a dog fan but this thread really touched me. Poor Bea.. she looks SO sweet. It kills me that someone can be so cruel Sounds like because of you she is on the mend. Hope she continues to heal well with no infections
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How's Bea? Is she back from the beauty parlor yet?? Update PLEASE!!!
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Thank you all again for your kind words and prayers!!!

I'm going to pick Bea up in a bit from the vets! I hope she has some hair left, poor thing was so matted up! The good thing is he'll get to take a peek at that leg, so I may know more where we are later today! I'll update you all tonight and try to post pics of her all prettied up!
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Checking in to see how Miss Bea is doing, I am still sending prayers and hugs from Mississippi for you and for her.

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I am glad she is doing a bit better. she will continue to be in
my thoughts and prayers.
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Any Bea news?? I hope she did o.k. at the vets.
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Sorry for the delay, I've been a bit busy the past couple of days.

The vet visit went well, she looks great and is way more yellow than I ever thought that she was! I'll try to get pics posted soon, I can't find the usb hook-up for my camera right now!

The vet was amazed at her progress so far, said she was doing great!! He fell in love with her too, he just kept saying "what a great dog"
He said the leg looks great, and doesn't seem to have any sign of infection! And he even knocked a couple of weeks off of the time she has to wear the cast!! I was so pleased to see that he was so excited about the progress that she has made!

I know that your prayers have helped this girl tremendously, please keep them coming!!
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Great news, glad she is doing well
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That's great news, I'm glad she's doing so well.
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Thank you so much for the update, I was starting to get a little worried. Glad to hear Bea is doing so well. Can't wait to see the pictures.
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