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Patches & Snowflake - my feral cats

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Here are some pics of my feral babies Patches & Snowflake.
A little background...

They were born a couple of years ago behind my apt complex in a dirt/weed lot along with about 4 others. When they were old enough my neighbor and I got together with a lady from the Homeless Cat Network and we managed to trap and fix all but 1 of them. Well the 3 that stuck around the most were Snowflake, Patches & Fatty. They would always come over to my patio because I'd leave food for them. Of course, they would scamper off if they saw me or if I came out onto the patio.

Fatty was killed by a car last year but I managed to socialize Patches. It took about a year and it was very frustrating but little by little she warmed up to me. A cat that used to bolt when she saw me now has to jump up and sit in my lap every time I sit outside. She has to purr and meow in my face and rub her face against mine. She has to follow me all over the patio and she is just the most loving cat ever. (Jeez, Zoey & Saki rarely come sit in my lap lol). Snowflake and her are always together but Snowflake still wont let me touch her, though she lets me sit very close to her.

Anyway enough blabbing and onto the pics!

This was Fatty.. who is now in a creamated box on my patio table.

When Patches finally ate out of my hand for the first time.


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They love each other!

A hot day

Thanks for looking
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Oh my, what beautiful babies!
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Oh my Sicycat, they are such beautiful babies!! I'm sorry you lossed Fatty, what a beauty she was. Gosh, I just want to kiss that adorable face of Patches, she's soooo cute! Bless you for caring for these babies and turning them around into loving, happy kitties.
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Wow, they are gorgeous! Poor Fatty, sweet angel such a cuddle bug!
I want to bring them to my house and cuddle them both!

Bless your heart for taking care of them!
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Fatty was gorgous! Was that a torti-like coloring, or was he brown? So pretty!

I like Snowflake, too... look at those innocent eyes!
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OMG snowflake is GORGEOUS, patches is a cutey too
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Thanks everyone! Fatty was pretty much black but in the summer her fur turned brown probably from the sun. I never got to touch her either but she seemed like she was a sweet cat. All 3 of them used to cuddle up together.

Snowflake is gorgeous, I love her eyes. You wouldnt think these cats were feral if you saw them on the street. They're little chubsters They are so clean too. I can kiss and hug Patches and she just smells so clean like she must groom herself really well. I love them so much!
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Awww They are just adorable babies!
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Aww they're so cute. You've done a great job with them Sicy!
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they are all gorgeous! kudos to you for taking care of them!!
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Originally Posted by Graciecat View Post
Oh my, what beautiful babies!
i'm glad you've started a thread for them, too! Snowflake looks similar to a previous cat of mine, named Smoke. she was a siamesey/snowshoe looking DSH, too. they're both so sweet together, too!
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They are both so gorgeous!
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such cuties....so GORGEOUS look at snowflakes eyes o my simply gorgeous...they are both such gorgeous kitties
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Thanks guys
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Wow! They're gorgeous! Great pictures too!
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The more I see them Sicy, the more I love them - especially Snowflake.......
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Oh My They are all Gorgeous, RIP Fatty
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Oh they are beautiful!! You must have been very patient and gentle to win Patches over
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It was the hardest thing I've ever done. To not try to pet her every chance I got! I could tell though that she was going to love it once she finally let me, because she used to rub up on everything when she'd see me. I would just go sit on the patio quietly when I'd feed them. Little by little I would start to 'talk' to them in cat talk (kissy noises, 'brrrrr' noises) and when she would finally 'hang out' when I was out there instead of run off I kept trying to get her to eat out of my hand. I swear it took forEVER but when she finally did it was the greatest reward I could ask for all my patience. And when she finally let me pet her, that was it now she just cant get enough attention!!!
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I love Snowflake and Patches. They are both so beautiful and healthy looking.
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A few new pics of my sweet feral girls

Patty cakes (Patches)

Doesnt she have the cutest face? I love to smush it.

And gorgeous Snowflake. Who still wont let me smush her. Ah I give up lol.

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I just want to give them both kisses on their cute faces Sicy.
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They're such beautiful girls.
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Thank you..
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Sicycat you have done a great job with these kitties. Very happy and healthy obviously, even if Snowflake has not yet deemed to be petted. (it took my Lola until she was 6 to decide she likes being petted, so you may just get to smoosh that beautiful face yet )

I never ceases to amaze me the absolutely gorgeous cats that end up on the streets. Thankfully these girls found you.
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Thank you so much, the compliment means a lot

Snowflake has no problem sitting near me (2 ft away) or walking by me but she just wont let me touch her, and I dont want to force her so I just enjoy her company. Patches is complete opposite and when she finally let me touch her she just turned into a big love and wont leave me alone for a minute
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Wow, they are stunning kitties, and what a great story too!
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Patches and Snowflake look adorable! Patches is what I would call a marble cake kitty.
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They both have such beautiful faces! Even though there markings are different, their faces are the same. I guess that's because they are sisters? They're so healthy looking for ferals. You take good care of them.
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