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Quill being handsome

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Some recent pics of Quill being his usual handsome self

Look at his looooooooong whiskers!

And looking a tad confused

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oh he's a beautiful boy... wow long wiskers. I love his little puffed up chest.
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Awww, he's gorgeous, I love those long whiskers!!
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He's beautiful and he looks so healthy! Is he a Maine Coon?
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Wow! Check out those whiskers!
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Quill is handsome!! He's quite a large cat eh?
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Quill i could eat you up because your so gorgeous!
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Very beautiful boy
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He's beautiful. I just want to burry my face in his fur. (I do that to my poor cats all the time)
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way to cute............I just love long whiskers on a kit
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o my such a cutie and so GORGEOUS !!! I am such a fan now how did i miss Quill photos before more please
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awwww! he's such a sweet kitty!!!! and i LOVE the wiskers!!!!
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He's so handsome!!!!
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What a handsome kitty! And those whiskers!!!

Hilda >^..^<
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Is Quill a wegie??? If he is then, yay me!!! If he isn't then her should be!!! What a handsome fellow he is and what a wonderful ruff he's sporting!
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oh my! Hes gorgeous!
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Awww!! He's too pretty to be a boy!

How much does he weigh? Or is he just all fur?
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What a gorgeous fellow! I love his long whiskers.
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Quill you goregeous baby!
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Yes, as a matter of fact, although most here may not remember it, there was a movie called Quill. In the unlikely event you are not aware of this, just use the internet, it was one of my all time faves and perhaps Quill the cat would like to see Quill the movie.
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