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Flimflam is just a nick-name I was given about 15 years ago and it is the nicest one - as my surname is Fleming. You can imagine the not so nice ones with the connections with upper bodily fluids. This is the one I use on most forums etc.

Purrsita - I had a cat called Kali as well - and she did think she was a goddess - wanted to be worshipped, sacrifices and gifts left at her altar etc
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Spooky is the nickname that my husband gave me while we were dating. We decided one day to make up nicknames for each other and thats what he picked for me...no clue as to why that name though. My nickname for him is Monkey. :LOL:
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Calypso was the name I signed up under on another board. It was around Christmas and my youngest daughter had just recieved a doll named Calypso and we were playing the John Denver song so it was in my mind. I've never had a "username" before, usually just go by my first name so it was fun to have something different.
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Well, one day I was walking deep in the woods when......

Nah, I'm just plain boring - my name's Lisa and my last name used to start with V until I was married recently (my new lastname starts with M so I should really be lisam huh?). I could change it, but like many of you I use lisav for everything and it hurts my brain if I have to think too much and remember multiple usernames!

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Okay TicTacCat Godmother.......Great thread. I feel like humming "Getting to know you, getting to know all about you (or something like that)"

Well Mine is kinda boring but I also use it on pretty much everything

Bundylee =

Bundy is my nickname. A very cute helicopter pilot gave it to me years ago because of my surname which is ...... (Okay the first one to laugh gets a poke)....... Goodrum. Stop laughing!!!!!!!! Also cause I used to like a Bundy and coke every now and then hehehehehehe! *sigh*

The Lee part is a combination of the last 3 letters of my first name Leslie....... but spelt like my brothers second name Lee.

So put them together and you have Bundylee. Ta Daaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
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Goodrum!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Oops...um....Coco was doing something really funny and....I wasn't laughing, honest! :angel2:
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My first boyfriend in high school gave mine to me. It was a character in a fantasy novel he read. I'm the bookish type, and so was the character. I've been using it ever since.
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Hmmm....well I guess my TCS name sounds a tad depressing doesn't it? Ok maybe more than just a tad but it isn't at all.

See, my family doesn't like the man who I will marry one day and I had spent almost two years of being with him over long distance before it all came out resulting in high dramas and I moved out and have not contacted them since. Though I will when we're engaged and have the ring and I'll be telling them about my Russell then too. ^_^

Anyhows a_loveless_gem is an anagram I concocted out of Mags loves Lee or as my other half would put it Lee loves Mags. It's the name that I now use for everything. It symbolises our love without the fuss and a touch of irony that the message is still hidden while out in the open. :tounge2:
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Originally posted by purrsita
cute name, but what does it mean to "wibble"???
kinda reminds me of Weebles...
Lol nothing to do with Weebles

I guess wibble is a british term. It is basically to chatter on about nothing or silly things.

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I named my boardself Hissy because once upon a time, in a litter of 5 feral kitties, there was this little black and white female spitfire. She was all hiss and claws at first, thus naming herself Hissy, but once she was socialized, she was the best and most loving lap cat. As all ferals do, she loved to roam and when she was about 7 years old she simply vanished one day.
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